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There is a 4 year programme for graduate applicants and a 6-year dual degree programme for students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at the university.


Degree Requirements 4-year programme


Applicants must have completed 68 hours of undergraduate study to apply.


Course requirements


Course requirements 4-year programme


One year of the following are required: biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, math (including Statistics), English and Humanities (which can include additional English courses). The university also recommends courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology and Embryology, Genetics,Neuroscience and Physiology.


Course requirements 6-year programme


The pre-college background must include two or more years of foreign language, including literature. High school Biology, Chemistry and Physics. High school Mathematics, including Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.


A-level and GCSE Requirements


4-year programme


The minimum science GPA required is 3.0. For the 2010 entry class, the average GPA was 3.75. The lowest 10% of accepted students had a GPA of approximately 3.38 or lower, and the highest 10% of students had GPA of 3.96 or higher.


6-year programme


Minimum high school GPA of 3,5. Minimum ACT score of 26 and minimum SAT score of 1950.


MCAT requirement


The minimum MCAT requirement is 22 (24 for BS/MD students). For the 2012 entering class, the oldest scores accepted are from 2009. The average MCAT score for the 2010 entering class was 31Q . Not MCAT taken 3 or more years prior to matriculation with be considered.


Application fee


The secondary application fee is USD 75. The fee is not waived for students who received an AMCAS fee waiver.


Selection Formula


4-year programme


Students are strongly encouraged to submit their application early and this increases their chances of admission.


In selecting students for admission, all aspects of the application are considered including grades, MCAT scores, essays, references and interviews. An important factor in obtaining an interview is that applicants must have demonstrated an interest in solving problems associated with health disparities and should have experiences working or volunteering with underserved communities.


6-year programme


The BS/MD applicant is evaluated by the Health Professions Advisory Committee and by the Committee on Admissions for the College of Medicine. Admission to the College of Medicine will be based on: performance in the College of Arts and Sciences, the interview, Official MCAT score (minimum MCAT of 24), the AMCAS application, recommendation letters, extra-curricular activities and volunteer/community services.


Application Documents


4-year programme


For letters of recommendation, the school requires either:

  • A health professions committee letter of evaluation (composite letter)
  • A letter packet from your college/university which includes at least two letters written by science faculty (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics) who taught you and gave you a grade
  • Two to four individual letters of recommendation, which must include at least two letters written by science faculty (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics) who taught you and gave you a grade.


6-year programme


Applicants must first apply to the College of Arts & Sciences. Note that admission to the college of Arts & Sciences does not automatically secure a place for the student in the BS/MD programme. To apply, you must meet all the academic requirements described above, provide a copy of the letter of acceptance from the College of Arts and Sciences in Howard University, write an essay demonstrating interest in medicine and service to the people who may be less privileged than yourself, provide two letters of recommendation (one from a science instructor and one from a high school guidance counsellor).


The Interview


Interviews are held between late September to late April. Most interviews in the past have been one on one interviews, although some students have had group interviews. Interviews usually last between 30 - 45 minutes. In previous years, most interviewers have had access to the applicants’ files beforehand.


Application deadline


The supplementary application, including all additional documents must be received by January 15th.




Approximately USD 45,773 per year.


Competition Ratios


Every year, the medical school receives approximately 6500 applications. The entering class of 2011 included 115 students. Approximately 300 students are interviewed each year. This included roughly 668 international applicants, of which 54 were interviewed and 15 matriculated into the programme .




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