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Loma Linda University School of Medicine




Loma Linda University is a Seventh-day Adventist educational health-sciences institution with more than 4,000 students. Since opening in 1909, Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine has been training skilled medical professionals with a commitment to Christian service. It offers a 4 year programme.




International students ARE eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


Students are expected to obtain an undergraduate degree prior to matriculation, however, exceptional students may be eligible to apply after completion of a minimum of 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours). The institution of higher education must be in the United States or Canada. No preference is given to science or non-science majors. Applicants from schools outside the United States and Canada are required to present a minimum of one year of study at an accredited United States or Canadian college or university prior to applying for admission. Academic competitiveness and proficiency in spoken and written English must also be demonstrated.


Course requirements


One year of biology or zoology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry and one year of physics. All of these courses should include a lab component. Biochemistry will also be required from 2016. Students are also advised to study English, Religion and/or ethics as required to satisfy their degree requirements. Introductory statistics is recommended. Students are also encouraged to include humanities and social science courses that prepare them for their role as a physician. The prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation.AP credits for prerequisite science courses are not generally accepted. Nonetheless, if the applicant’s undergraduate institution has accepted the AP credits, upper division science courses in the same area may be substituted for the required credit hours.


A-level and GCSE Requirements


There is no minimum GPA score, but the admissions process is competitive. For the 2013 entering class, the average BCPM GPA was 3.72 and the cumulative GPA was 3.76.


MCAT requirement


There is no minimum MCAT requirement, but for the 2013 entering class the average MCAT was 30, with an average of 10 on each subsection .MCAT scores more than three years old are not accepted.


Selection Formula


Students are selected for interview based on their entire application including grades, MCAT scores, letters of reference, AMCAS applications, supplementary applications and the interview. Students are strongly encouraged to gain experience where they are directly involved in providing health care. The Admissions Committee seeks individuals who have demonstrated a serious personal commitment to the practice of medicine and have altruistic goals and ideals. The school is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, thus, preference is given to members of the church. However, each year applicants not affiliated with the church are admitted provided they demonstrate a commitment to Christian principles and are well suited for medicine.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


There is no added advantage given by a PhD or masters degree.


Application Documents


Students receive instructions on how to complete the secondary application after they apply to the school. In the past, the supplementary application has included seven 750 character essays and two 250 character response. These are questions in the supplementary application for 2012-2013.


  • Describe the extent and source of your knowledge of Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM). (750 characters max)
  • What makes LLUSM particularly attractive to you? (750 characters max)
  • What qualities make you a desirable candidate for admission to LLUSM? (750 characters max)
  • Discuss how your spiritual experience has influenced your life and how you integrate it into your daily life. (750 characters max)
  • What experiences in your life would illustrate your perspective on service to others? (750 characters max)
  • As a Christian educational institution the medical curriculum integrates spiritual, ethical, and relational issues from a Christian perspective into the practice of medicine. Weekly chapel services and religion courses are part of this programme. Please respond to the above as it relates to your personal educational and career goals. (750 characters max)
  • Loma Linda University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution that has lifestyle expectations that include abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs/substances in all forms. In the past year, have you used any of these substances? If so, which one(s)? (250 characters max)
  • If accepted to LLUSM, are you willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of Loma Linda University School of Medicine? (250 characters max)


Regarding reference letters, if the student’s school provides a pre-health advisory committee recommendation or packet of recommendations, this must be submitted as part of the application and no other letters need to be submitted. If this is not available, the school requires a minimum of three letters of recommendation from individuals who know the applicant well. The school requires that one letter come from a science professor who has taught the applicant, and recommends that the other letters come from “a physician, employer, pastor (or otherclergy), or other persons who know the applicant.” The supplementary application form includes a reference form that referees can choose to use, or they can choose to write the letter in their own style.

Transcripts from all post secondary schools attended must be sent to AMCAS as part of the application process, not to the medical school.


The Interview


There is a mandatory interview held at the university. The interviews are usually one on one interviews lasting approximately 45 minutes. The interviewers usually have access to the applicant’s file beforehand and the style is conversational. Some questions they have asked in the past include: “What was your favorite class?”, “What do you know about LLUSM?”, “Was there a time that science tested your faith?”, “How will you manage living so far away from home?”


Application deadline


Students applying through the Early Decision Programme must submit their AMCAS applications by August 1st, and their supplementary applications by September 1st. Applicants will hear the final decision by October 1st. For students applying through the standard route, the deadline to submit the AMCAS application is November 1st. The deadline for submission of the supplementary application is November 15th.


Application cost


The secondary application fee is approximately USD 75. The fee is not automatically waived for students who received an AMCAS fee waiver and a separate request for this should be sent. 13. Cost of studies 2014-2015 Tuition and fees for the 2015 school year will be USD 51,820. A living allowance is estimated to be USD 15,800.


Additional information


Weekly chapel services are part of the programme. Students have also been asked in previous years if they have used any alcohol, tobacco or drugs/substances in the past year as part of the supplementary application.


Competition Ratios


For the entering class of 2015, x applications were received. For 2014 entry, there were x applicants, of which x students were interviewed for the 165 places available. x international applicants applied, x were interviewed, and x matriculated into the programme.


Dual degree programmes


The school offers an MD/PhD programme.Students must submit separate applications for both the PhD and the MD programs and meet the admissions requirements for each of these programs. More information can be found on the school website.




Deferred registration may be requested once accepted onto the programme. Requests must be made in writing, and may be approved for one year. Each request is considered on a case by case basis, and the final decision is at the discretion of the Dean’s Administrative Council.





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