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SUNY Upstate Medical University is the only academic medical centre in central New York. It offers students a rich academic environment with four colleges and a rapidly expanding biomedical research division. They are part of the State University of New York. There is a 4-year programme open to graduate applicants and there are twelve 6, 7 and 8-year programmes for students who come from rural communities - see below. Most special admission programmes are only open to applicants from New York State




International students are eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements 4-Year Programme


Applicants must have at least 90 semester credits of undergraduate work at an institution in the US or Canada, including international applicants.


Course requirements 4-Year Programme


Pre-requisites for those applying in 2015 are: general biology 1 and 2 with labs, General Chemistry 1 and 2 with labs, Organic Chemistry 1 with Labs, Biochemistry, General Physics 1 and 2 with Labs, Writing/Composition, English Elective and 3 hours of Statistics. Applicants should avoid taking more than one or two pre-requisite science courses during the summer and avoid taking them at community colleges. While it is recommended, they do not require your physics courses to be calculus-based unlike other medical schools. Applicants can apply without having completed all the pre-requisites however, if accepted, it would be on the condition that any outstanding required courses be successfully completed prior to enrolling. AP credits can count towards course requirements.


A Level and GCSE Requirements 4-Year Programme


There is no minimum GPA requirement. The average GPA 2012 entrants was 3.63. The average science GPA was 3.60.


MCAT requirement 4-Year Programme


There is no minimum MCAT score requirement. MCAT scores from tests written more than 3 years prior to the application date are not accepted. The average MCAT score for 2012 entrants was 30.75.


Selection Formula


Grades and MCAT scores are the two most heavily weighted factors in the initial interview selection. Non-academic factors including clinical experience, volunteer work, the AMCAS application and the letters of recommendation are also taken into account. Note that slight preference is given to students from New York state, but the school accepts many out of state applicants each year including overseas students who have completed at least 90 semester hours of college coursework in the US or Canada. The admissions procedures are the same as US citizens. All else being equal, priority will be given to candidates who are US citizens or permanent residents. However, non US residents with a strong record of academic research achievement are encouraged to apply. There is a mandatory interview. After the interview, the applicant’s file qualifications and the interview performance are used to make a final admissions decision.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Applicants who hold a PhD or master’s degree do not have an added advantage in the application process.


Application Documents 4-Year Programme


Students receive a link to a secondary application after they apply to the school. There have not been any additional essays required in previous years. Students currently completing their undergraduate studies should submit a pre-health advisor letter, or if none exists at their university, they should submit two letters of recommendation from faculty in different departments. At least one must be from a science faculty member. Graduate students must also submit a letter of recommendation from a graduate advisor or department chairperson. Students who graduated from an undergraduate programme more than 5 years ago and are employed full-time can submit one letter from a science faculty and one letter from a current supervisor.


The Interview


Interviews use the MMI format and include 8 different stations/interviewers.


Application deadline 4-Year Programme


For those applying for early decision, the AMCAS application is due August 1st and all materials must be submitted by August 15th. For others, the full AMCAS application must be received by October 15th. The secondary application must be submitted by December 1st.


Application cost


The secondary application fee is approximately USD 110. The fee is waived for students who received an AMCAS fee waiver.




For New York State residents  the cost is $32,190 per year. For non-New York State residents the cost is $57,380 per year. Students can apply for some merit based scholarships during their spring semester. International students are not eligible for financial aid from the university (nor are Canadians).


Additional information 4-Year Programme


At the start of the third year, approximately 25% of the class moves to the Binghamton Clinical Campus one hour south of Syracuse. Most students who go decide to stay there for their fourth year. Application counselling is available through the school. Sessions are offered once a month and can be scheduled online or by calling the office of admissions.


Competition Ratios 4-Year Programme


Each year approximately 160 students enter the College of Medicine from more than 75 colleges and universities. They receive approximately 5,000 applications each year. 


Dual degree programmes


There is an MD/PhD programme available. Applicants must submit a verified AMCAS application to the medical school, and must submit three original letters of reference via AMCAS applicable to the MD/PhD Program from those familiar with the applicant's academic record and potential for investigative research. There is also a MD/MPH programme offered. In addition to fulfilling the pre-requisites for MD admission, applicants must submit an MPH essay and 2 additional letters of recommendations from people familiar with their public health interest. More information is available on the school website.


6-8 year guaranteed entry programmes


There are nine programmes for high school students. Most programmes require students to have a rural background, come from New York State and be part of a minority group that is under-represented in medicine. Students must also have an academic average of 90% or higher (or be in the top 10% of their class), and achieve 1200-1250 minimum on the SAT (or 27-28 on the ACT). There are also programmes for first and second year students at Elmira College and SUNY-Cobleskill. All programmes give students entry into the Rural Medical Scholars Programme (RMSP) track at the medical school upon satisfactory completion of their undergraduate degree.




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