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Yale University


Yale University




Offers a 4 year programme.




International students ARE eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


Applicants must have at least 3 academic years of undergraduate coursework prior to matriculation. No preference is given to any field of undergraduate study.


Course requirements


One year of general biology or zoology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of biochemistry and one yearof physics. The courses should have a laboratory component. Acceptable courses extend over 1 year and are given 6to 8 semester hours credit. Pre medical course must be completed in a US, UK, or Canadian college or university.US Community college coursework may be accepted in fulfillment of prerequisites on a case by case basis. U.S.Advanced Placement credits from high school do not themselves satisfy premedical requirements, but advancedcollege, university courses or institute of technology courses (for which students are made eligible by AP credits)may be substituted for introductory-level courses in each of these subjects.


A-level and GCSE Requirements


The average GPA is around 3.8 . The lowest 10% of accepted students have a GPA of 3.62 or lower, and the highest 10% of students have a GPA of 3.99. There is no minimum GPA requirement.


MCAT requirement


All applicants must write the MCAT. For entry in August 2015, the earliest test date accepted was January 2011. The average MCAT score for entrants in 2013 was 37. There is no minimum MCAT score requirement.


Selection Formula


The school does not use a rolling admissions policy thus applying early is less important than for some other medical schools. All aspects of the applicant’s file are taken into consideration when selecting candidates for interview. After the interview, all aspects of the students file including grades, MCAT scores, essays, extra-curricular achievements, letters of reference and the interview are taken into account to make a final decision.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Applicants who hold a PhD or master’s degree do not have an added advantage in the application process.


Application Documents


The supplemental application includes a 500 word essay discussing the applicant’s interest in Yale Medical School, and a second optional 500 word essay on any information not previously discussed. Applicants must also submit a letter from their pre-medical advisory committee, or, if none exists at their university, they should submit at least three letters. These letters should come from individuals who are in a position to comment knowledgeably on your accomplishments, abilities, experience, and/or personal qualifications. They may come from those who have taught you or worked with you in undergraduate or graduate school classes, in research settings, clinical settings, extracurricular or community service activities, professional settings, or other contexts. It is helpful to have at least one of the letters from someone in the sciences, but this is not mandatory.


The Interview


In-person interviews are required, and invitations are sent out by email from August to February. Applicants who are invited for an interview will meet with two members of Committee on Admissions. Most interviews last between 30 and 45 minutes.


Application deadline


For the early decision programme, the AMCAS application is due August 1st, and the all materials must be submitted by August 31st. Applicants receive a final decision by October 1st. For other applicants, the full AMCAS application must be received by October 15th. The secondary application must be submitted by November 15th.


Application cost


The secondary application fee is USD 95. The fee is waived for students who received an AMCAS fee waiver.




Approximately USD 53,540 per year for tuition fees. Living expenses and health insurance adds approximately USD 25,000 per year. International students are eligible for financial aid.


Additional information


Students can choose to do a fifth year in the programme, tuition free. Students can spend the extra year at Yale doing research, or can work at another university, or can choose to do clinical work at home or abroad.


Competition Ratios


For entry in 2013, there were approximately 4,432 applications received. Acceptance rate was 6.5%. For entry in 2014, approximately x students were interviewed for the roughly 100 places available. This included roughly x international applicants, of which x were interviewed and x matriculated into the programme. x applicants were in state and x applicants were out of state. x in state applicants were interviewed and x matriculated. x out of state applicants were interviewed and x matriculated.


Dual degree programmes


A variety of dual degrees are offered: 1. MD/PhD, 2. MD/MPH public health, 3. MD/MHS health sciences, 4.MS/JD law, 5. MD/MBA management, 6. MD/M div. divinity. More information can be found on the school website.




Yale School of Medicine Office of Admissions

367 Cedar Street New Haven,

CT 06510

Tel: +1 203 785 2643


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