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Top tips to show your motivation for med school

By Dibah Jiva 1 years ago 1531 Views No comments

As part of their selection criteria for admission, every medical school in the world will want to ensure they choose applicants who are motivated to study Medicine. This may sound obvious – why bother applying to medical school if you are not motivated? However something to think about is, that with the vast majority of applicants being highly motivated, it is not easy to stand out from your peers in this category. If you do manage to stand out from the rest (in a good way!), then you will be sure to score more highly in this aspect of your application.

A Night in the Life of an A&E doctor

By Dr Oonagh King 1 years ago 1084 Views No comments

It’s 9.15pm on a Monday evening and my alarm clock has just sounded for the fourth time. Fortunately I am staying in rented accommodation near to the hospital where I work, and I don’t have to think what to wear today (it’s a choice of different coloured scrubs!), so I make it into work in time for my 10pm shift. As usual on my walk to work, I get the pre-shift trepidation, wondering how busy the Emergency Department will be tonight. I count three ambulances parked in the ambulance bay outside the hospital and take a breath – that doesn’t bode too badly.