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Competition Ratios

By Rebekkah Morris 10 months ago 1467 Views No comments

In 2016 there were 20,100 students who applied via UCAS for medicine courses in the UK for approximately 8000 places. Places are particularly competitive on graduate entry courses with programmes having an applicant: offer ratio up to 38:1 (King’s). Below, the numbers of applicants, interviews, offers and places in the last application cycle are listed for each medical programme. The ratio of applicants to offers is listed in the last column.

Diversity and Widening participation in Medicine

By Dr Oonagh King 10 months ago 799 Views No comments

When medical schools review applications for places on their courses, there is a lengthy and in-depth selection process to choose their desired applicants. Nowadays, this process includes analysing academic background; aptitude test performance; and personal statements, which demonstrate a candidate’s motivation, communication skills, empathy, team-working skills etc. It also considers work experience, voluntary activities and positions of leadership. Often, all of these things are looked at, before a candidate is even invited to interview. You might well wonder, with medical school places being so oversubscribed, why admissions boards will go to these lengths to select future doctors.

Undergraduate Degree Subjects & applicants with 2 degrees

By Rebekkah Morris 10 months ago 549 Views No comments

There is a wide variety of policies that medical schools in the UK use when considering your undergraduate degree subject in their selection process. Barts and the London School of Medicine accept any degree if a graduate applies to their 5-year programme but require a degree in a scientific or healthcare discipline if an applicant applies to their 4-year programme. As a contrast to this, Newcastle medical school accepts a degree in any discipline for their 4 year and 5 year programmes. Even more surprising to some will be the university of Nottingham who only accepts applicants with a science undergraduate degree to their 5-year programme, but accepts students with a degree in any discipline to their 4-year programme.

A-level Subjects - A–level Retakes

By Rebekah Morris 10 months ago 902 Views No comments

With entry to medical school remaining highly competitive, top A level grades are important to get in to all 5-year and 6-year programmes as well as to get in to some of the 4-year graduate courses. However, as you will see on each university’s page, there are some programmes (particularly 4-year programmes) that do not consider A-level grades at all. St George's University of London's 4-year programme for graduates is one of these.