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Medical School Interview Course – The Comparison Table

By Dr Dibah Jiva and Marine Thizon 8 months ago 1137 Views No comments

Why do you want to become a doctor?
If you could clone yourself, what would you have your clone do?
Tell me about a time that your curiosity got you in trouble.
What are you going to do if you don't get in?

Well, if you are blanking already reading these four questions, you’d better start preparing yourself to endure even trickier questions during your upcoming Medical School Interview. The Medical School Interview is your last hoop to jump through before starting your journey to becoming a doctor.

Most advisers agree that a Medical School Interview Course is highly beneficial in your preparation. But with so many private companies offering medical school interview courses in the UK, it can be hard to know which one to choose and what exactly are the differences between them.

The MSAG team has designed the best medical school interview course. For the last 5 years, we have an over 95% success rate and last year we achieved a 99% success rate to entry into medical school.

How did we achieve this?

The answer is simple. Our profit margin is low as we have limited our class size to 9 applicants, have a ratio of applicants to doctors of 3:1 and we invest in yearly training for all our doctors.

Widening Access

As a team of doctors serving in the NHS, it matters to us to widen access to medical school for people from all backgrounds. In order to achieve this, we offer scholarships for applicants who need financial support to access our services. Our doctors support this initiative by each year, facilitating a course unpaid in order to raise funds for our scholarship program.

What to avoid in a Medical School Interview Course?

The table below will comprehensively help you compare all the Medical School Interview Courses available in 2016/2017. Common weaknesses we found in other courses are the factors we consider when designing and delivering our course every week end:

  • Large class sizes
  • Not enough facilitators per applicant for individual practice
  • No written feedback or video feedback to helppost course
  • No MMI or Panel real practice but only lectures on the topics
  • Courses not delivered by doctors
  • Generic interviews rather than tailored to your medical schools & your personal statement.

Medical schools are looking to find out your insights into the practice of medicine. It is very hard for a trainer who is not a doctor (ie. Interview coach or medical student) to help you demonstrate insight of a profession they do not practice.

Similarly, another key factor to consider when choosing your course is that you are only preparing for 1 to 4 medical school interviews. All the medical schools use different types of MMI stations/Interview style. We ensure that each participant in our course has a tailored MMI and panel interview experience using real questions sourced from the specific medical schools you have applied to.

Compare Interview CoursesThe Medic PortalUni AdmissionsISC MedicalInterview Crash CourseAce MedicineMedschool AdmissionsFast-track MedicalBlue PeanutTraining Academy
Max Class Size 9 18 30 16 16 40 18 16 10 Variable
Attendess : Facilitator 3:1 9:1 4:1 NA NA NA NA 8:1 5:1 Variable
Panel Interview X X X X
Mock MMI
6 stations
Written Feedback X X X X X X X
Video Recording of
MMI To Take Home
Delivered By Doctors X X X
Success Rate >98% NA NA >95% NA 95% NA NA NA NA
Price £180 £175 £295 £169 £139 £127 £174 £140 £159 £195


*Scholarships are avialable for applicants who need financial support. Contact "" for financial support and ""

*Information accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 17th October 2016