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Competition Ratios



The selection ratios for each English taught Canadian medical programme are provided below. Selection ratios can give some insight, but note that medical schools offer more places than their class size, since not everyone accepts the offers. For example, in the 2014-15 cycle at the University of Manitoba, 101 offers of admission were made to fill the 96 in province places, and 22 offers of admission were made to fill the 4 out-of-province places. Thus, the true out-of-province selection is more like 254/22 = 12:1, rather than 254/4 = 64:1 as calculated below.


Note that there are always more offers made than the number of positions available, meaning that on average, the true selection ratio is approximately 25% better than the calculated ratios in the table (for example, if the calculated selection ratio is 4:1, the true selection ratio might be close to 3:1).


 UniversityApplicantsInterviewedClass sizeRatio Applicants/AcceptedRatio Interviewed/Accepted
  Alberta 1649   162 10:1  
  British Columbia Domestic 1346
Non Domestic 726
Domestic 574
Non domestic 81
Western Canada Calgary Domestic 1,300
Non domestic 300
Domestic 450
Non domestic 89
155 10:1 Domestic/ Non domestic 3:1 Domestic/ Non domestic
  Manitoba 971 Domestic 255
Non domestic 26
281 3:1 1:1
  Saskatchewan Domestic 432
Non domestic 510
Domestic 272
Non domestic 50
100 9:1 3:1
  McMaster In 2010: 2979 IP applicants for 194 places, 762 OOP applicants for 9 places, and 44 int'l        
  Queen’s         31:1
Ontario Northern Ontario 2,115 317 64 6:1 5:1
  Ottawa         OOP: 30:1
  Western Ontario          
  McGill 792 214 91 4:1 2:1
Quebec and Maritime Dalhousie          
  Memorial 500   80    


*IP: In-province, OOP: Out-of-province, Int’l: International



Timeline of the application


The application deadlines for most Canadian schools are in October and November, however, for some schools like the University of British Columbia and the Ontario medical schools, applicants are required to complete part of the application process as early as September. The opening dates for application, as well as the application and transcript submission deadlines are available in the school specific sections. Below is a table showing the application deadlines in 2014 for medical programmes taught in English.


UniversityDeadlines for entry
University of Alberta For 2014, all application materials including reference letters, MCAT scores and all post-secondary education completed transcripts were due on October 1st, 2014
University of British Columbia The application and all supporting documents, including transcripts, are due September 15th 2015
University of Calgary For 2014 entry, applications closed on October 1st, 2014
University of Manitoba The deadline for submission of the application form is October 1st, 2015 and transcripts will need to be received by the university by November 1st, 2015. Letters of reference do not need to be submitted until the university asks for them, which will be in February 2016.
University of Saskatchewan October 31st, 2012

- McMaster University
- University of Ottawa
-Northern Ontario School of Medicine
- Queen’s University
- University of Toronto
-University of Western Ontario
Applicants need to create an account by September 15th, 2012. The deadline for submitting the application, confidential assessment forms, supporting letters of reference and university transcripts was October 1st, 2012. Applicants must release their MCAT scores to OMSAS by October 11th, 2012.
McGill University The application for the MD programme were due on November 1st, 2012, and the supplemental documents and reference letters were due November 15th, 2012. The application deadline for CEGEP students was March 1, 2013.
Dalhousie University August 15, 2012 was the deadline to submit the application form and transcripts. The supplemental application form, which includes a personal essay as well as activity and award descriptions, was due September 7th, 2012. For applicants that are invited for an interview, the deadline to have reference letters submitted has been early January in previous years, and will be provided later in the application cycle.
Memorial University The application must be submitted by September 17th, 2012. MCAT scores must be released by October 11, 2012.


Table. Application deadlines for Canadian medical schools taught in English. Information obtained from the schools’ websites and by calling the admissions offices

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