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The deferral policies vary significantly from school to school. Many schools like Queen’s University have only granted deferral in previous years if the applicant firmly accepted their admissions offer. Some schools like theUniversityofOttawahavenotconsideredstudentsforadmissioniftheywereacceptedatanothermedical school the previous year and deferred their matriculation. See below for details on each school’s policy on deferring entry. Although deferral policies tend to stay the same from year to year, if you are admitted to a medical school and would like to defer entry, it is best to speak to the admissions committee about your specific circumstances or plans for the deferred entry year.


 UniversityDeferred entry policies
Western Canada
University of Alberta Deferrals are not offered.
University of British Columbia Under special circumstances where an offer has been given, admission may be deferred for one year. Each request will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
University of Calgary Students wishing to apply for deferral should make a written request to the Director of Admissions within 5 days of the date at the top of their acceptance letter. Deferrals will only be considered for exceptional academic and/or non-academic reasons and if granted, a deposit of $1000 is required in order to hold a deferral position.
University of Manitoba Deferral requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and should be requested in writing to the university.
University of Saskatchewan In province applicants admitted to first year Medicine may be allowed to defer entry for up to one year to enable the completion of a Masters, Ph.D. or a professional degree program. This must be put through as a written request for and must be submitted at the time of acceptance including the deposit.
McMaster University Deferred registration may be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and may be requested only by those candidates who have accepted their offer. The request for deferral must be submitted in writing within two weeks of the offer of admission.
Queen’s University Usually only for applicants wishing to finish the requirements for their degrees (undergraduate or graduate). Students usually need to accept their offer before asking for deferral.
Northern Ontario School of Medicine Deferrals are only granted under exceptional circumstances
University of Ottawa Maybegrantedforspecialcircumstances. StudentsneededtomaketheirrequestsbeforeJune8th,2012 for the 2012 entering class..
University of Toronto Some applicants can be granted deferrals for compelling academic or personal circumstances. Applicants should specify that they wish to defer at the time of acceptance of their offer. Deferrals are not granted to allow students to complete their degrees.
University of Western Ontario Deferrals are only granted under exceptional circumstances
Quebec and Maritimes
McGill University Deferrals can be granted for one year to obtain an advanced degree (note, however, that students currently enrolled in graduate programmes are expected to apply in the final year of their programmes). The deadline to request a deferral is July 1st of the matriculation year. CEGEP students are not eligible for deferral.
Dalhousie University Deferrals are only granted under exceptional circumstances
Memorial University Students who are admitted directly into the programme can apply for deferred entry (usually two applicants per year are granted deferral). Those who are admitted off the waiting list cannot request a deferral.

Table. Deferred entry policies for Canadian medical programmes taught in English in recent years.

Information obtained from the schools’ websites and by calling the admissions offices.

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