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McMaster University is one of the two 3-year medical programmes in Canada.




International students ARE eligible to apply. All non-Canadians can apply through the regular stream, via OMSAS. International applicants who have not met the requirements through American or Canadian universities must have their foreign transcript assessed by World Education Services (WES). Those requiring WES assessment must also ensure that their transcripts are received by WES in time for their assessment. Students who meet the requirements with Canadian and US courses do not need to have a WES assessment, and foreign grades will not be used in the GPA calculation, but they must still have the foreign university send transcripts to OMSAS.


Degree Requirements


For 2015 entry, applicants must have completed 15 full year credits or 30 half year credits (equivalent to three full time years of undergraduate study) by May 2014. Applicants who have completed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in less than three years by the application deadline, and who meet the 3.00 GPA requirement, are also eligible to apply.


Course requirements


There are no prerequisite course requirements.


A-level and GCSE Requirements


Applicants must have achieved an overall OMSAS converted average of 3.0 on the 4.0 point scale. The average GPA of applicants matriculating in 2014 was 3.83. An overall simple average will be calculated using the grades from all undergraduate degree level courses ever taken. Courses from different years are treated equally. This average is calculated by the applicant on the OMSAS academic record form and verified on the OMSAS verification report which is sent to applicants. McMaster University may also review and revise this average. The marks from supplementary and summer courses are included in the GPA calculation.


MCAT requirement


A minimum score of 6 on the verbal reasoning section is required. Other sections of the MCAT are NOT considered in the selection process and thus there is no overall minimum score required for the MCAT. The score from the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT is used in the formula to select applicants for an interview and the formula used after the interview. The most recent test result (not the best) is used, provided the test was written no more than five years prior to the application deadline. For the class matriculating in 2014, the average MCAT verbal reasoning score was 10.99. 196 students scored 10 or above, while 6 students scored 9 and 4 students scored between 6 and 8.


Other requirements


There is a 90 minute Computer-Based Assessment for Personal Characteristics (CASPer) that applicants need to complete. The questionnaire has 12 sections with 2 or 3 short questions in each. Nine of the 12 are prompted by situational challenges shown in one minute video clips, and the other four sections are for self-descriptive questions. It is an assessment of interpersonal skills and decision making.


Selection Formula


In selecting applicants for interview, 90% of interview positions will be given to those who qualify as Ontario residents. The remaining 10% will be given to all others. Applicants were ranked for interview according to the following formula: 32% undergraduate GPA, 32% MCAT verbal reasoning, 32% CASPer Score, 1% completion of a master’s degree, 4% completion of a Ph.D (maximum 4% for graduate work). After the interview, applicants are ranked according to the following formula: 70% MMI score, 15% undergraduate GPA and 15% MCAT verbal reasoning score. The best scoring applicants are offered admissions.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


An applicant’s graduate experience will be considered in the admissions process if it is complete and the degree has been conferred by the application deadline of October 1st. Individual grades received for courses taken as part of a graduate degree will not be included in the GPA calculation. Applicants with a graduate degree will receive bonus points in their pre interview score (master’s degree = +0.01 point; PhD = +0.04 points, for a maximum of 0.04 points out of a possible 1), providing a significant, albeit not decisive, advantage for graduate degree holders.


Application Documents


In 2014, along with the OMSAS application, McMaster required CASPer to be completed in October 2014. See section above “Other requirements” for more information on CASPer.


The Interview


Several hundred applicants will be invited to Hamilton in March or April 2015 for interview (552 in the last application cycle). During the MMI, applicants will move between interview “stations” in a 10-station circuit. Each station lasts eight minutes and there is a two minute break between each one. At each station, applicants will interact with, or be observed by, a single rater. The stations deal with a variety of issues, which may include but are not limited to, communication, collaboration, ethics, health policy, critical thinking, awareness of society health issues in Canada and personal qualities. Applicants are not assessed on their scientific knowledge.


Application deadline


See application deadline through OMSAS above.


Application cost


See application fees through OMSAS above.


Dual degree programmes


There is an MD/PhD programme available. Minimum criteria for admission for the PhD component is a 4 year Honours B.Sc. or BHSc with a minimum academic standing of 10.5/12 (on the McMaster scale) or 3.8 on a 4 point scale in the final two years of the Bachelor’s degree study in courses relevant to the programme. Some PhD programmes may have additional requirements specific to their programme. Applicants must be acceptable to both the McMaster MD Programme and to the PhD Programme. Applications are via the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) for the McMaster MD programme and a separate application for the PhD component through the Graduate Studies Applications Process.




Deferred registration may be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and may be requested only by those candidates who have accepted their offer. The request for deferral must be submitted in writing within two weeks of the offer of admission.




For Canadian students, tuition fees of $ 26,416 for the first year, $ 26,416 for the second year and $ 26,293 for the third year. For international students, tuition fees of $ 95,871 per year.


Competition Ratios


In the 2014-2015 application cycle, 4,973 applications were submitted for the 203 places available: 28 at their Waterloo Regional campus, 28 at the Niagara Region Campus and 147 at the main campus in Hamilton. Applicants can rank their preferences at the interview, and the offers of admission are binding to a specific site. In the 2013- 2014 admission cycle, there were 4560 applicants, of whom 547 were interviewed and 203 admitted. Each year, up to 10% of places are available for out-of-province and international students combined.




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