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Queen’s University


Queen’s University




Offers a 4 year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


To qualify, candidates are required to have a minimum of 15 full or 30 half credits in any university program by the end of the academic year in which application is made.


Course requirements


There are no pre-requisite course requirements. This is to allow applicants to select a programme of study which best meet the goals of their undergraduate programme.


A Level and GCSE Requirements


The GPA cut-offs for Queen’s University have been posted in previous years but they are no longer available on their website as they do not predict what minimums will be in future application cycles. The GPA cut-off at Queen’s University can be met by averaging all years of full time study (including summer and supplemental courses) or averaging the most recent two years of full-time study (summer courses are not taken into account in this calculation). Any year in which you have completed a minimum of 3 courses in each academic semester will be considered full time. You do not have to carry a full course load to be considered full-time. Exceptions to meeting the GPA cutoffs may be made for students holding a master’s degree, a PhD or another graduate degree on a case by case basis. Full years completed after the undergraduate degree, both in general studies or as part of another undergraduate degree, will be counted toward meeting the minimum GPA cut-offs. Note that courses taken toward master’s degrees or PhDs are not counted.


MCAT requirement


The MCAT cut-offs for Queen’s have been posted in previous years but to our knowledge are no longer posted on their website. The cut-offs from 2007 were 30P with a minimum of 10 in each section .


Selection Formula


Sequential steps are used to select the applicants invited for an interview. The first cut-off is based on the GPA. Applicants who have completed a graduate degree and meet the MCAT cut-off but are slightly below the GPA cut-off will be reviewed on an individual basis by the admissions committee. The second cut-off is based on the MCAT results. Candidates who meet the GPA and MCAT cut-offs will be invited for interview. After the interview, the academic marks are no longer considered in the admission process. The interview is the main determinant of an admission offer at this stage. Offers will be made after the first round on a rolling basis until the class has been filled.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Exceptions to meeting the GPA cutoffs may be made for students holding a graduate degree or on a case by case basis as long as the MCAT requirement is met.


Application Documents


The documents required are those required by OMSAS for all Ontario medical schools (see above in OMSAS section).


The Interview


Interviews consist of both an MMI and a standard, panel-type interview.


Application deadline


See application deadline in OMSAS section above.


Application cost


See application fees in OMSAS section above.


Dual degree programmes


There is an MD/PhD or MD/Master’s programme available. Students must have met the admissions requirements and have been accepted into both the MD programme and the chosen graduate scheme. Students must hold at least an Honours baccalaureate degree. Students with a Master’sdegree, graduate students in the second year of a Master’s programme, or students currently enrolled in the MD programme may also apply.




Deferred registration will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. Requests must be made within two weeks of the date of offer for admission and only after that offer is accepted.


Additional information


Note that Queen’s University is one of the two Canadian schools that does not favor in-province students.




Upon acceptance of an offer to the school, matriculates are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $1050.

Tuition fees are $23,440.20 per year.


Competition Ratios


In the 2014-2015 admission cycle100 places. Note that Queen’s University does not favour in-province students.




Undergraduate Medical Education 80 Barrie Street,

Queen’s University Kingston,

Ontario, K7L 3N6

Tel: (613) 533-3307


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