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The six Ontario medical schools use a centralized application service called the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS). Applicants to Ontario medical schools submit only one set of application materials and academic documents, regardless of the number of schools to which they are applying. OMSAS processes and forwards applications to all requested medical schools.


Application Deadline


Applicants need to create an account by September 15th. The deadline for submitting the application, confidential assessment forms, supporting letters of reference and university transcripts is October 1st. Applicants must release their MCAT scores to OMSAS by October 11th.


GPA requirements


The application service converts all grades onto a 4.0 scale using the OMSAS conversion scale available at – under “Grade Conversion Table” on the right. The GPA requirements and statistics of the Ontario medical schools are listed in the school specific sections. Canadians and international applicants who have not met the minimum course credit requirements for a university using Canadian or US courses, and who require inclusion of international courses to meet the course credit requirements, need to submit foreign transcripts to the World Education Service for assessment, as well as to OMSAS. The WES converts grades to their Ontario educational equivalents. More information on submitting transcripts to the WES is available in the OMSAS instruction manual:


OMSAS Autobiographical sketch


The application includes a common section requiring applicants to fill in their personal and academic background as well as to list all pertinent awards and activities since age 16. The elements to be included are:


  • Formal Education (name of institution, dates, programme, degree)
  • Employment
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Research
  • Other


Application documents


The autobiographical sketch described above will be sent to each Ontario medical school. Three reference letters with confidential assessment forms (an extra sheet that referees fill in and include with their reference letters) also need to be sent directly by the referees to OMSAS. Most schools have additional questions or essays to fill in as outlined in the school specific section below. Official transcripts of all post-secondary institutions other than Ontario universities for all courses completed before the current academic year also need to be sent by …. 2015. Transcripts from Ontario universities and colleges must be requested through OMSAS. Fees are $12 per transcript requested, with some exceptions.


Application fees


The application service fee is $210 plus the following institutional fees for each medical school selection.



McMaster University $115
Northern Ontario School of Medicine $85
University of Ottawa $75
Queen’s University $100
University of Toronto $110
University of Western Ontario $100

Applying to all 6 schools costs $795.

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