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The MD programme is comprised of four geographically distinct sites - the Island Medical Programme (IMP), Northern Medical Programme (NMP), Vancouver Fraser Medical Programme (VFMP) and the Southern Medical Programme (SMP). It is a 4 year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


Successful completion of at least 90 credits at a post-secondary institution. AP or IB credits cannot count towards the 90 minimum credits.


Course requirements


One full of year (6 credits) of biochemistry, Biology, English, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry are required. Courses in Behavioral Sciences, Biometrics, Statistics and Physics are recommended, but not required. AP and IB credits may be used to fulfill part of these requirements. Additional details including information on the grades and course levels required to use IB and AP credits toward pre-requisite requirements are available from: Admission_Requirements.htm


A Level and GCSE Requirements


Beginning in the 2015/2016 application cycle, the minimum requirement for in-province applicants is an overall GPA of 75% and for out of province applicants is now 85% in order to obtain a full file review. Individuals who have withdrawn from another medical school for academic reasons are not eligible to apply. The average GPA of the 2014 entering class was 86.56%. Note that for 2014/2015 applicants, the average GPA of interviewed candidates was 87.28% for in province and 91.00% for out-of-province. Note that in calculating an applicant’s GPA, UBC includes summer courses and graduate courses with grades, if applicable and uses the conversion scale available from: ADM_grade_conversion_tables.pdf.


Applicants who have completed 90 credits at the time of application are eligible to have the academic year with the lowest GPA dropped from the calculation (if the lowest academic year had more than 30 credits, the 30 lowest credits are dropped).


MCAT requirement


For both the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 application cycles applicants will be allowed to submit MCAT scores from three exams:

1) the “old” MCAT with four sections including the Writing Sample

2) the “revised” MCAT with three sections, not including the Writing Sample

3) the “new” MCAT 2015 with four sections. Applicants who write MCAT 2015 must achieve a minimum score of 124 in each of the four sections.


Applicants who wrote the “old” MCAT must achieve a score of no less than 7 in any of the multiple choice sections and no less than M in the writing sample.


If MCAT 2015 has been written, these latest test results will be used and not scores from any previous test. If the previous versions of MCAT were taken, test results from the last five years, inclusive, are considered valid except for the “revised” 3 section MCAT which is only valid until the 2016/2017 application cycle.


It is suggested that applicants look at admissions statistics from previous years for an indication of competitive scores. In 2014, the mean MCAT scores for the entering class were 9.87 in verbal reasoning, 11.05 in physical sciences, 11.40 in biological sciences and P in the writing section. The overall average MCAT score for the 2014 entry class was 10.77P.


Selection Formula


Applicants are given a pre interview score based on the combination of their GPA and their non-academic qualities score, both of which are weighted 50% at this stage. Note that the MCAT, so long as minimum requirements have been met, is not a factor at this stage and will only be considered after the interview. After the interview, all aspects of the file are considered including grade trends and graduate work, the MCAT, the interview and non-academic criteria.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Students with a master’s or PhD must complete the programme in which they are registered by July 30th of the admission year. Graduate students in non-thesis based programmes must complete all required courses, projects, etc. and have grades submitted by July 30th. Graduate students who are invited for an interview will be required to have their thesis supervisor, or department head complete an electronic form stating that the applicant will likely finish their programme by July 30th. This deadline is firm.


Application Documents


The application includes a report of non-academic experiences, however, it does not include reference letters. Applicants invited for interview will receive notification early in December and will be asked to have their referees submit reference letters online. All applicants must also arrange to have one set of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended sent directly to the admissions office.


The Interview


The interviews follow the MMI format in which each applicant rotates through approximately 11 different interview stations. The interview at each station is roughly 7 minutes in duration, with a 2 minute transition period, which allows the applicant to advance to the next station, read a question or a scenario and prepare themselves before entering the next interview room. The entire interview cycle is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes in length and applicants may have up to two “rest” stations per cycle. The interviewer pool is diverse: clinicians, academics, community members and UBC 3rd & 4th year medical students from a variety of geographical areas across BC. Following the interview there will be a 30-minute writing session, where you will be asked to write one complete essay based on a given prompt. The essay does not require academic knowledge. 


Application deadline


For the 2015/2016 cycle, the application for the University of British Columbia opens in June 2015. The application and all supporting documents, including transcripts, are due September 15th 2015. Note, the early submission deadline is August 17th 2015. Reference letters are not due at this time. Only applicants invited for interview need to submit reference letters later in the year. MCAT scores must be received by October 1st, 2015.


Application cost


The application fee is $111 for BC residents, $164 for out-of-province residents, and $32 for out-ofprovince transcripts (any number). In addition, a fee of $50 is charged to start an application.




Tuition fees of $16,731 per year.


Dual degree programmes


There is an MD/PhD programme available for applicants who have a Bachelor of Science with first class standing (or equivalent), and who have fulfilled all the requirements of acceptance into the four-year medical curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, and the doctoral requirements of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. More information can be found at this website:




Under special circumstances where an offer has been given, admission may be deferred for one year. Each request will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Competition Ratios


There were a total of 288 positions available in 2014 with a total of 1087 applicants, of which up to 29 places are available for out-of-province applicants. Approximately 650 students will be interviewed. 192 students will be placed in Vancouver, 32 in Victoria, 32 in Northern BC and 32 in Kalowna. Students indicate their site preferences at the interview . Out of those, 33 students did not have a degree (had completed 3 years of undergraduate study) and 40 had a master’s degree.




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