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University of Calgary


University of Calgary




Offers a 3 year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


Applicants must have completed at least two years of full-time study, completed at a medical-doctoral degree granting institution, or that each course completed during each of two full-time years be individually transferrable to such a school.


Full-time study means that applicants are required to complete at least 24 credits from September through April and grades must have been recorded for 18 credits.


Course requirements


The university recommends several courses for preparation for medical school, but completion of these courses is no longer graded as part of the application evaluation. The courses recommended to prepare for medical school are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physiology as well as a semester of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and either Calculus or Statistics.


A Level and GCSE Requirements


The GPA cut-off is 3.20 out of 4.00 for Albertans and 3.80 out of 4.00 for non-Albertans. The overall GPA of an applicant is used for eligibility and not the best 2 years’ GPA. Note that if an applicant has 3 full time years of study completed at the time of application, the GPA of the worst year will be dropped from the overall GPA calculation. Thus, for applicants in their final year of a four year degree, only their best two years will be counted. For applicants with completed graduate degrees at the time of application, the overall GPA in their graduate degree will be counted as equivalent to one full time year of undergraduate studies. For applicants with multiple graduate degrees, the GPA for each separate degree will be added to the undergraduate degree.


Note that the graduate GPA does not replace the undergraduate one, but only supplements it. Applicants who are admitted still need to maintain a GPA above 3.2 during the application year for the admission offer to remain valid.


The average overall GPA of the class of 2016 was 3.73. To learn how the GPA is calculated, you can find the university’s GPA conversion scale in the applicant manual available from their website.


Note that unlike some schools, AP and IB grades are not converted to percentage grades and are as such are not included in the GPA calculation.


It should also be noted that a 10 year rule has recently been introduced, which, if invoked, excludes from GPA calculations all academic work which is undertaken more than 10 years ago.


MCAT requirement


For 2015 applications onwards, only the new 2015 MCAT will be accepted.


Selection Formula


The pre-screen process has now been removed. Therefore, Alberta applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.2 and who have written the MCAT will be able to apply. Non-Alberta residents require a minimum GPA of 3.8. All non- Albertan applicants who meet the minimum GPA and MCAT requirement will undergo file review.


All applicants who qualify for the full file review are then given a score based on their entire application according to the following breakdown:


40% academics (consisting of 20% GPA, 10% MCAT Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills, 10% Subjective Assessment of Academic Merit) and 10% for each of the following:


  • Evidence of communication skills
  • Evidence of excellent interpersonal skills and collaboration
  • Evidence of high ethical standards and professionalism
  • Commitment to communities and advocacy on behalf of others
  • Intellectual curiosity, scholarship and research
  • Evidence of organizational/management skills and leadership


To assess the attributes above, the admissions committee will look at the entire file. The highest scoring applicants at this stage are then offered an interview. The applicants are then given a post interview score and ranked for admission based on the following: 50% pre-interview score and 50% MMI.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


See GPA section to see how applicants with a graduate degree can get extra points.


Application Documents


Applicants submit impact statements for their top 10 activities or experiences (these may be employment or volunteer experiences). Applicants also need to submit 3 reference letters, each of which should assess a distinct attribute of the applicant. The 3 attributes to be covered are:


  • Organizational/management and leadership skills
  • Commitment to communities and advocacy
  • Interpersonal behaviour and collaboration


Applicants are required to provide a complete list of all their paid employment experiences to date, as well as enter a list of al their peer-reviewed academic publications, in the proper scholary format.


The Interview


The interview is MMI format with twelve stations, each lasting nine minutes.


Application deadline


For entry in 2016, the application cycle will open opened July 1st, 2015. For 2015 entry, applications closed on October 1st, 2014.


Application cost


The application fee is $150,


Dual degree programmes


There are MD/MSc, MD/PhD and MD/MBA programmes available. Students must apply individually to each programme and complete a supplementary application for the Leaders in Medicine programme.




Students wishing to apply for deferral should make a written request to the Director of Admissions within 5 days of the date at the top of their acceptance letter. Deferrals will only be considered for exceptional academic and/or non-academic reasons and if granted, a deposit of $1000 is required in order to hold a deferral position.


Additional information


The University of Calgary is one of the two 3-year medical programmes in Canada.




Tuition fees of $15,012 per year.


Competition Ratios


In the 2013-2014 application cycle, more than 1600 applications were received. Approximately 81% of these came from Alberta residents. 539 applicants were offered interviews (450 Albertans and 89 non-Albertans). The class commencing in July 2014 consisted of 155 Positions.




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