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Offers a 4 year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply except children of alumni of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine or if you have the permanent residence (landed immigrant) status in Canada before the application deadline.


Degree Requirements


Applicants are required to have completed three years of full-time studies in any undergraduate programme leading to a bachelor’s degree. A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four full-year courses is taken is accepted and counted in the WGPA calculation only if the missing course is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course. Any year with less than four full-year courses will not count as a full-time year of study. A full-time summer semester does not replace a semester of studies within an academic year.


Course requirements


The course requirements are the following: 1 full year of Biology, 1 full year of Humanities/Social Sciences and the equivalent of two full-year courses of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session.


Candidates are allowed to complete missing pre-requisite courses during the academic year preceding admission but not during the summer before their registration.


A Level and GCSE Requirements


Each year, a minimum weighted grade point average (WGPA) is set for the current application pool. Students in their third year of undergraduate study at the time of application will have their second year marks counted times two and their first year marks times one. The current year of study is not used to determine which candidates are invited for interview. Students in their fourth year of undergraduate study at the time of application will have their third year marks counted times three, their second year marks counted times two and their first year marks counted times one. For students who have completed more than three years at the time of application, only the three most recent years of undergraduate studies will be used to determine the WGPA. Marks obtained during a summer session will not be included in the WGPA calculation. The WGPA cut-off depends on your residency status. This is determined based on the permanent address listed in the application and the autobiographical sketch. WGPA cut-offs for admission in 2014 to the English taught programme for Ottawa applicants and applicants from the Champlain district Local Health Integration Network was x out of 4.0, for in-province applicants was x out of 4.00 and for out-of-province applicants was x out of 4.00. Additional undergraduate courses completed after a degree is awarded are not used in the GPA unless these grades are part of a second undergraduate degree that is at least three years in length.


MCAT requirement


The MCAT is not required.


Selection Formula


Interview invitations are based on meeting the minimum WGPA cut-off for the applicant’s category that year and the committee’s assessment of the detailed autobiographical sketch. See table below for the different applicant categories. Although the WGPA cut-offs are different for applicants in different regions, once these WGPA cut-offs are met, all anglophone applicants are competing for the same seats; that is, there are no regional quotas defined, only different WGPA cut-offs. After the interview, a composite score based on the interview assessment and the WGPA is calculated, and final selections are made for offers of admission.


Anglophone programme

Those applying to the Anglophone programme will be split into the following categories


  • Applicants who are sponsored by the Canadian Forces (CF) applying to the anglophone programme
  • Residents from the LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network) Champlain district (as determined by the Ministry of Health)
  • Residents from the region (Ottawa–Outaouais) applying to the anglophone programme
  • Residents from the province of Ontario applying to the anglophone programme
  • Residents from other provinces applying to the anglophone programme
  • Aboriginals applying to the Anglophone programme


Francophone Programme

Those applying to the Francophone programme will be split into the following categories


  • Applicants who apply to the Consortium National de formation en santé (CNFS): residents from outside the provinces of Ontario and Québec applying to the Francophone programme
  • Residents from Ontario and the Outaouais region applying to the Francophone programme
  • Aboriginals applying to the Francophone programme


Residents from the province of Quebec have the same WGPA cutoff regardless of whether they apply to the Francophone or Anglophone programme


Table . Applicant categories at the University of Ottawa. Each category has its own WGPA cut-off.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Graduate candidates who are registered in (or have recently completed) a master’s or doctoral degree are allowed to apply to the MD programme provided they meet the eligibility requirements, including the successful completion of the necessary pre-requisites. These applications will be assessed like all other applications. All applications will be evaluated based on the grades obtained during the candidate’s undergraduate studies.



WGPA calculation*


Students completing their third year of
full time undergraduate study
Year 1    3.85 x 1 = 3.85
Year 2    3.82 x 2 = 7.74
     Total 11.49 ÷ 3 = 3.83 (WGPA)
Students who have completed three or
more years of undergraduate study;
Only the most recent three years considered.
Example of 5th year student:
Year 1    3.85
Year 2    3.82
Year 3    3.90 x 1 = 3.90
Year 4    3.85 x 2 = 7.70
Year 5    3.89 x 3 = 11.67
      Total 23.27 ÷ 6 = 3.88 (WGPA)


Table. WGPA calculation for the University of Ottawa

*Supplementary courses taken outside the usual academic session and summer courses will not be included in the above calculations


Application Documents


The documents required are those required by OMSAS for all Ontario medical schools (see above in OMSAS section). In addition, applicants submit a more detailed autobiographical sketch detailing extra-curricular activities and awards after high school.


The Interview


These are usually held in February - March. The interview is a panel interview, typically with a doctor, a person from the lay community


Application deadline


See application deadline through OMSAS above.


Application cost


See application fees through OMSAS.


Dual degree programmes


An MD/PhD programme offers exceptional students the opportunity to pursue two degrees over the course of seven years. Four seats are reserved each year for eligible applicants. Details on eligibility can be found on the school’s website.




Requests must be received in writing, and may be granted under limited and special circumstances.


Additional information


The school offers their medical programme in either English or French. Applicants choose which of these two programmes they wish to apply to and the interview will be conducted in this language.




Tuition fees of $11,648.93 per year


Competition Ratios


In 2014, there were a total of 164 students admitted. Students are not admitted by regional or provincial quota. All interviewed candidates are placed on the list of excellence in order to determine who receives an offer of admission.




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