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University of Saskatchewan


University of Saskatchewan




Offers a 4 year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply.


Degree Requirements


Saskatchewan residents are eligible to apply during their second year of university. Out-of-province applicants must be in their third year of undergraduate study to apply.


Course requirements


For the 2015/2016 application onwards, pre-requisite courses are RECOMMENDED ONLY and will not be required. These are as follows: one full year of Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, English and Social Sciences/Humanities as well as half a year of General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.


A Level and GCSE Requirements


To meet the competitive average requirement, in-province applicants must attain a minimum of 78% in the two year average, and out-of-province residents a minimum of 83%. Courses taken during summer (May to August) are not considered in the two-year average. For in-province applicants, the current year of study will factor into the best two years’ GPA calculation. For out-of-province applicants, only the years completed at the time of application are considered in the best two years’ GPA calculation. Normally, courses taken after the undergraduate degree are only taken into account in the GPA requirement if they are leading to another degree. However, applicants planning to take an extra year after their degree are encouraged to contact the admissions office to see if their extra year will be eligible for consideration. This should be done in the fall of their extra year or earlier. Applicants taking more than 3 or 4 years to complete a 3 or 4 year degree must also contact the admissions office for pre-approval of their additional years of study.


MCAT requirement


For applications in 2015 and 2016, no minimum MCAT section or sum scores will be required. For applications up to 2017 entry, the most recent MCAT sat within the previous three years from the time of application or MCAT 2015 will be accepted. For 2018 entry onwards, only the most recent MCAT 2015 will be accepted.


Selection Formula


First, in-province applicants and students who attended the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina must either have achieved an overall average of 78% on their pre-requisite courses with no pre-requisite grade less than 60%.


Out-of-province students who did not attend one of these universities can only qualify for the next step based on achieving an MCAT score of 30 overall with no section score below 8. The next step for all applicants is to have their best two full-time years averaged, and be ranked for interview according to this average. In-province and out of-province applicants are ranked separately and in previous years, in-province applicants have needed averages >82% and out-of-province applicants have needed averages >92.50% to be competitive for interview. After the interview, Saskatchewan residents are ranked for admission with 35% of the score based on academic performance and 65% based on the interview. For out-of-province applicants, after the interview, the offer of admission is based solely on interview performance. Note that reference letters are not scored, but rather are used on a rule in/rule out basis.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


For in-province applicants, all courses taken prior to entering graduate school will be used. If the degree completed is a master’s degree, 9 of the worst credit units are removed, and the GPA is re-calculated. If the degree completed is a Ph.D, 15 of the worst credit units are removed and the GPA is re-calculated. For out-of-province applicants, graduate programme grades will not be considered.


Application Documents


Only applicants invited for interview need to send reference letters. Three references will be required. Appropriate references include undergraduate or graduate instructors or research supervisors. Also, official transcripts from all universities attended must be sent directly to the College of Medicine by the application deadline. Note that there is no autobiographical sketch/essay required with the application.


The Interview


The interview is MMI format which includes approximately 10 stations taking 10 minutes each. At each station, the interviewee will be provided with a question and allocated two minutes to read the question and formulate an appropriate response. After these two minutes, the interviewee will discuss their response with an interviewer for the remaining eight minutes before moving to the next station.


Application deadline


The application deadline is October 31st.


Application cost


The application fee is $125.


Dual degree programmes


There is an MD/PhD programme available. Applicants must have a 4-year baccalaureate degree, or equivalent, completed with a GPA of >80% at the point of starting medical school and must have sat the MCAT ahead of the application.




In province applicants admitted to first year Medicine may be allowed to defer entry for up to one year to enable the completion of a Masters, PhD or a professional degree program. This must be put through as a written request for and must be submitted at the time of acceptance including the deposit.




Tuition fees of $15,530 per year.


Competition Ratios


In 2013, there were 100 places available. There were 423 in-province applicants in 2013, of which 259 were interviewed for 92 places. That year there were also 383 out-of-province applicants, of which 62 were interviewed for the 8 places available.




Admissions Office College of Medicine,

U of S A204 Health Sciences Bldg.

107 Wiggins Rd

Saskatoon SK S7N 5E5

Tel: (306) 966-4030


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