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Western University




Offers a 4-year programme.




International students are not eligible to apply unless they are permanent residents of Canada.


Degree Requirements


Applicants must have completed or be in the final year of a programme leading to a 4-year undergraduate degree at a recognized university and expect to have completed a minimum of 20 full courses by the end of the academic year in which the application is being made. Also, students must have registered in courses in such a way that there have been at least two full-time academic years (taken during September - April) in which a minimum of 5 full or equivalent courses have been taken concurrently. There are no exceptions for this. Applicants who complete the requirements of a four year honors degree or equivalent in less than four years may apply to the medical programme without penalty.


Course requirements


There are no pre-requisite courses. A mixture of Biological/Medical science courses and Social Science/Humanities courses is recommended.


A Level and GCSE Requirements


The GPA cut-off for all students in 2014 is 3.7 out of 4.0. Applicants must achieve the minimum GPA in each of their best two full-years (if only one year meets the cut-off, an admission can be granted contingent on meeting the requirement during the current year). Only those years in which at least 5 full or equivalent courses are taken between September and April will be used in the calculation of the GPA. Note that students cannot take more than 2 full-year courses (or four half-year courses) below their university level in these two years. This means that first year students must take 3 of 5 courses at 1st year level or above, second year students must take 3 of 5 courses at 2nd year level or above, etc. Note that in fourth year (and possibly fifth year if applicable), any courses above third year level count toward the 3 out of 5 requirement. Summer courses are not counted in the overall GPA. Applicants who have earned a degree from a recognized university may elect to continue in full-time undergraduate studies so that their academic standing may be improved for application to medical school. Only the first special year taken by the applicant will be considered for determination of their GPA(Applicants must already have one undergraduate year that meets the GPA cutoff.). A special year will only be considered if it contains five full or equivalent courses taken between September and April. First year courses, repeat courses, and second-year courses that do not require a first-year prerequisite are not acceptable in the special year. Also note that if a course is repeated, the course is not counted in the course load for that year, nor is it factored into the GPA calculation for that year. Thus, if you take 5 full or equivalent courses but one of them is a repeat course, the university will consider this year as having only 4 full courses, and that year will not be considered for your GPA calculation.


Students who have one undergraduate degree already and are working towards a second degree are not eligible to apply before the final year of their programme. Their programme must be an honors degree or equivalent programme to be considered. 60% of the courses (3 out of 5 full courses or equivalent) taken in each of the upper years of the second degree programme must be senior-level courses. The applicant’s GPA in this case is calculated only based on the two best years of the second degree programme. Applicants who are offered a conditional acceptance must complete all second degree programme requirements before registration in the MD programme.


MCAT requirement


MCAT cutoffs are reset each year. If the MCAT is written more than once; the most recent MCAT score is used. MCAT scores are valid for 5 years. For Southwestern Ontario applicants in 2014, a minimum score of 8 in any one section of the MCAT was needed as long as the combined score was at least 32. The MCAT cutoffs for applicants outside of Southwestern Ontario in 2014 were a minimum of 12 in biological sciences, a minimum of 9 in physical sciences, and a minimum of 11 in verbal reasoning. The cut-offs for MCAT 2015 are as follows:


Selection Formula


The university uses MCAT and GPA cutoffs to determine which applicants are invited for interview. Note that achieving the minimum GPA and MCAT cutoffs does not guarantee an invitation for an interview, however, nearly all students who achieve these cut-offs will be invited for interview. The minimum GPA and MCAT requirements may vary for each applicant pool as described in the GPA and MCAT sections. The definition of each applicant pool is in the “additional information” section. After the interview, applicants are given a total score based on the following weighting: 25% GPA (best 2 years), 25% MCAT and 50% interview.


Applicants with a PhD or master’s


Graduate students are required to have completed all course requirements for their degree before matriculation late in August or early in September. Their thesis, if applicable, must be submitted for defense to their examination committee before their registration in the medical programme. The university does not count graduate courses in the GPA calculation; only undergraduate years are used.


Application Documents


The documents required are those required by OMSAS for all Ontario medical schools (see above in OMSAS section).


Additional information


Applicants in the Southwestern Ontario category include applicants from Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth, Oxford, Middlesex, Lambton, Chatham-Kent, Elgin, Essex and Norfolk Counties. Attending high school in one of these counties allows students to be considered as SWOMEN applicants. Applicants from elsewhere in Canada are placed in the non-Southwestern Ontario category and are required to meet the higher GPA/MCAT cutoffs.


The Interview


Applicants are invited for a panel interview conducted by a faculty member, a senior medical student and a member of the lay community which lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Application deadline


See application deadline through OMSAS above.


Application cost


See application fees through OMSAS above.


Dual degree programmes


There are currently three combined programmes: the MD/PhD programme, the MD/Bachelor of Engineering Science Programme, and the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/MD/Master of Science Programme. A maximum of 3 seats are available for the first 2 programmes, and one seat for the last programme. More information is available on the school website.




Tuition fees are as follows: $22,929.96 in Year 1, $22,722.96 in Year 2, $21,926.96 in Year 3, and $21,159.96 in Year 4.


Competition Ratios


In the 2014-2015 application cycle, there were 171 places available, including 133 places at the London campus and 38 at the Windsor campus. Although non-Southwestern Ontario applicants are required to meet higher cut-offs, there are no quotas defined for how many of these applicants can be accepted. There are however three seats reserved in each entering class for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.




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