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Dr Dibah Jiva - Medical school consulting


I am the author of the best-seller MSAG guidebooks, currently in their 6th Edition, covering medical school admission in 13 countries. I have 7 years of experience helping applicants of various backgrounds get into medical school. My deep understanding of the admissions process gives me a unique insight into the worries of prospective applicants. I blend my experience with my passion for coaching people to guide you through a personalised journey to become a doctor. 

What I can help you with

1. Applicant file analysis: Evaluate your full application to identify its strenghts and weaknesses. I assess and help you improve your application. I look at your academic credentials and non-academic achievements to give you an honest opinion of your chances of getting into medical school.

2. Information: I give you up to date information about the application process such as timing, grade requirements, exam requirements, interview style, etc.

3. Personal Statement: Review your personal statement and essays for style and content and help you sell yourself on paper. These need to reflect who you are in an effective way to strangers who will have only a few minutes to read them. They carry significant weight in the selection for interview. 

4. Interviews: I guide you through the process and help you practice using previous questions used at the medical school you are applying to. I update you on the health care system, ethical issues and do role plays to be ready for MMI interview style questions. 

5. Choosing your medical school: I help you choose where to apply to have the best chances of getting in based on your applicant profle. I also consider the curriculum style and other personal circumstances you may have. This includes looking at local options and medical schools abroad.

6. Non-traditional backgrounds: If you have an unusual background such as foreign education, or other special circumstances, I help you find information through my contacts in medical schools. 

7. Early planning: For applicants who contact me early, I can help you plan and arrange volunteer experience and healthcare reated experience as well as make a plan for your application preparation.

8. Parental support: The stress of applications is often as hard on parents as it is on applicants. I help parents with the process, understand what medical schools are looking for. Most importantly, I give them tools to help their children successfully get into medical school. 

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