Medical School Application Guide



Where can I have one-to-one interview?

We have doctors available for mock interviews face to face in London, Oxford, Brighton and Salisbury. We offer Skype interviews to all other applicants.

How much is a one-to-one interview (in person or by Skype)?

 80 pounds an hour is the standard price.
 If you have attended an interview course, then the price is 75 pounds per hour.
 If you would like to book your mock interview with Dr Jiva,then the cost is 100 pounds per hour.

Do you offer help with personal statement?

Yes. There are 3 ways in which we can help you with your personal statement.

1. You can email us your personal statement and we will put comments and track changes as appropriate line by line. This is a very detailed review, which also includes an overall marking scheme and grades with comments.

2. We can arrange a one to one session to plan and/or review your personal statement with you.

3. We are introducing a new medical schoolapplication personal statement bootcamp in the summer of 2016. More information will be posted on the website closer to the time.

How much does it cost to get feedback on my personal statement?

 If your draft is +/- 10% of the allocated word count of a personal statement, then the cost for a detailed line by line feedback is 80 pounds. In addition to a doctor writing line by line comments, track changes and completing the overall marking scheme, Dr Jiva will also look at ever single personal statement herself. The price includes One Review.
 If you think you will want several reviews after you have edited it further, you can buy a package for 3 or 5 reviews priced at 225 pounds and 350 pounds respectively.

There is additional cost for:

1. A personal statement that is significantly longer than the word limit. This is because we feedback line by line, so a longer statement takes us longer to edit.
2. Cutting down words service.

How can I book a consulting session with Dr Dibah Jiva?

Simply fill in our online contact form or email or send a text message to +447595960472.

How do I book and pay for a specific Interview Course?

 The courses for 2015/2016 have all taken place. The next medical school interview course will be in October 2016.
  How long is the Interview Course?
 The Course is taking place from 8.30 am to 6 pm with some free time for lunch and breaks.

How many doctors involved in the Interview Course?

 Our small group Interview Courses of maximum 9 students to 3 doctors is quite unique (all other private companies have much larger groups attending their courses). It allows us to get to know you, address your concerns and give you highly personalised feedback.

Where is the Interview Course held?

 Locations will be published closer to the time. In 2016/2017, there will be course delivered in central     London and in Nottingham.

How much is an Interview Course?

180 pounds.

What are the requirements to benefit from an Interview Course scholarship?

We offer scholarships for students from unprivileged backgrounds that may cover the full course price or part of the course. We strongly believe that help to get into medical school should be available to all. You will need to show evidence of your financial situation at home to be eligible and write a paragraph that explains why you think you should benefit from the scholarship. We need to receive this latest 2 weeks before the course. If you think you may qualify, please contact us.

Do you offer a full package of services including consulting, personal statement help and interview preparation?

Yes we do. The new packages with prices will be published onto our website soon.

Who does the one to one mock interviews?

Only qualified doctors who also run the medical school interview courses run mock interviews for applicants. This ensure excellent quality tutoring and consistency throughout.