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The guidebook stands out from other books because of some unique sections, including the "What are your chances section", which is not available in bookstores or online.

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The guidebook stands out from other books because of some unique sections, including the "What are your chances section", which is not available in bookstores or online.
Dr Jiva, with 8 years of experience, had created a tailored guide for graduate applicants interested in studying medicine in the UK. It covers Graduate Entry Programmes (4-year) as well as all 5-year and 6-year programmes graduates are eligible to apply to. Now in it’s 7th Edition, it has been the guide of reference for graduate entry medicine for applicants and career advisers alike.
It covers the entire process of getting into medical school including what to consider when choosing to pursue a medical career, how to decide if medicine is really for you, insights into making a strong application that stands out in the crowd.
You will find chapters full of advice on how to approach browsing the medical schools, selecting the best fit for you, building your extracurricular portfolio, understanding all the free and paid resources available to prepare for the UKCAT, BMAT and the GAMSAT, planning and writing your personal statement and acing your interviews.
As the most comprehensive guidebook in the UK – made of almost 300 pages, it includes unique sections for graduate applicants to help you understand which undergraduate subjects are considered more favourably by different medical schools, which medical schools consider A-levels and GCSEs for graduate applicants and which don’t, the course structure of each programme, the competition ratio of each programme as well as the university rankings.
To top it top and to make a handy reference book, we have created a mini chapter for each medical school to give you details on its history, key interesting facts on its facilities and teaching methods, all of which can not only help you choose where to go, but will also give you added points during your interview. For each medical school, we also include details on the programmes available (intercalated degrees), academic and non academic requirements, eligibility factors such as access to medicine courses, international students’ consideration and details on their selection process and formula to select applicants pre and post interviews. Competition Ratio, Rankings and a medical student opinion is also provided for each medical school.
This guidebook has over 30 collaborators from all UK medical schools and we invite you to read regular updates on our blog for continuous help in your application process.

Why choose us?


Dr Dibah Jiva and the MSAG team of doctors have been helping medical school applicants to achieve admission success for 8 years, and in that time we have helped hundreds of applicants to plan a medical school application strategy, improve their personal statements and ace their interview.


Here is what career advisers at a few UK medical Schools think of our guidebook:


It is an invaluable resource for all Careers Advisers in this field and  the essential handbook for students applying to this demanding  and rewarding profession” . Agnes Finley, Careers Adviser, Lancaster University 


"I do find your books very useful and in fact in a recent talk to students considering Graduate medicine I used your book as a guide in planning my session.” Joe Hutchings, Careers Adviser, University of Bristol


"I think your books are excellent. […] my Careers Adviser colleagues have also found them invaluable in giving advice regarding such a niche area of the Graduate Labour Market.  Students and graduates interested in Medicine as a 2nd degree need detailed information and your books give just that” Stephen Shilton, Career Adviser, University of Glasgow


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The easiest way to buy is online via our website but you may also choose to purchase the guidebook via bookstores or amazon. You may purchase the online access and receive instant online access to a searchable and scrollable PDF. Or you can choose to purchase a hardcopy. All books are shipped within 24 hours of purchase.

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  • Graduate Entry Medicine UK book
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  • Dr Dibah Jiva
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  • Dr Dibah Jiva
  • Publication date:
  • Jun 10, 2013
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  • 9780957314740
  • Who is the book for?
  • Applicants to medical schools who have completed or are completing an undergraduate degree.

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