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• “I definitely think all the sessions were really useful. The initial practice gave me my initial confidence. The NHS issues and Ethics were very much helpful and detailed. The mock interview was extremely useful because it is really hard to practice MMI circuits at home. I feel better now that I have experienced the similar pressure to a real interview”.


• “I would recommend this course. I was really nervous about attending since it is definitely out of my comfort zone speaking in front of people. However; at some point during the course, I felt I have built my confidence”.


• “I felt it was really useful, particularly the presentation on how to structure answers. The mock interview has made me realise how stressed I will be on the interview day. I have also realised that the interviewers can put on an act to put you off.”


• “I would definitely recommend this course, the amount of practice very much make me familiar with the quality required.”


• “I particularly liked the fact that it was a small group so there is more opportunity to answer questions. I like how we could also give feedback on other people’s answers.”


Individual Doctor's Feedback


Dr Jiva


• “Fantastic. Dr Jiva gave me great feedback after initial questions and Mock to Mock Interviews. She made the MMI at the end feel very real and authentic. She knows obviously the medical application process very well.”


• “Dr Jiva is very friendly and willing to help and seemed genuinely passionate about helping us improve our interview (skills). She has a very interactive teaching style”.


Dr Sri


• “Dr Sri explained the NHS and its issues very well. Her constructive criticisms helped to clarify a lot of issues for me.”


• “Dr Sri was very clear at explaining the different elements which are important for the interview preparation. Very friendly and patient for each response”.


Dr King


• “I loved Dr King’s approach to ethics. She really spent of lot of time writing and explaining her feedback after the MMI which was incredibly helpful.”


• “I really liked Dr King’s comments as she brought different perspectives in questions such as social care and costing.”


Dr Hadjinicolaou


• “Dr Andreas provided very good tips for effective communication and gave helpful feedback.”


• “He often gave very critical and honest feedback and always has things to add which is great”.


Dr Westaby


• “Dr Westaby provided us with very valuable comment and lots of insights.”


Dr Sunderji


• “Dr Sunderji was really useful in offering alternative ways to answer and good concise feedback.”


• “I think the way Dr Sunderji taught us about the NHS was really interesting and kept me hooked. I also think that the points given for improvement were very innovative.”


Dr Peers


• “Dr Peers provides good critical feedback and very good material he brought in his work as GP. Also kept the energy level high, thanks!”


• “I love your Dr Peers’ sense of humour! He also provided very good feedback and clearly answer all my questions in extreme details.”


Dr Saunders


• “Dr Saunders gave me good feedback and outlined where I am making errors in my answers which was very helpful”.


• “Very friendly, nice and constructive criticisms. Easy to listen to and understand. Warm and friendly ”


Dr Mohammed


• “Dr Mohammed was extremely positive and encouraging.”


Dr Raynolds


• “A calm and relaxed approach. More comfortable raising your concerns.”


• “Really encouraging and gave some very valuable feedback that will serve me in my interview.”


Medical School Interview Tutoring



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Individual Doctor's Feedback


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Individual Doctor's Feedback


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Medical School Consulting report



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