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Outstanding Service Review by Dr M
Dibah is beyond outstanding! Not only does she have superb knowledge and insights about how best to go about the process of a hopefully successful application to medical schools - she seems to know the perfect questions to ask to determine motivation, desires, fears and aspirations to determine if in fact one is ready to forge into this process. In our case, the process she undertook with both myself (parent) and my son helped determine if medical school was in fact the path to be taken, and the timing of it. She is very strategic about how to prepare not only for the application and hopefully the interview, but what courses to take in high school prior to applying, and what life experiences to engage in. I can't say enough about Dibah's skills, knowledge and attitude! (Posted on 5/28/2016)
Top admissions consulting Review by ZH
Dibah was a great help throughout my medical school application. She helped me pull apart my experiences to find the right stories to tell to the medical schools and the skills I had developed throughout my academic career. She asked me key questions that made me reflect upon my experiences in a deeper way. And hence, the personal statement I wrote, truly exposed my motivation for medicine, skills I have acquired and their application to the field of medicine. It is one thing to have had worthwhile experiences and some accomplishments, but without the right projection, I do not think you can really “sell yourself” to the admissions committees.
Dibah has the insight and is very well informed into the selection processes of different medical schools. Her experience, editing skills and knowledge of the process are excellent and I would recommend her to anyone! This service is an excellent option for everyone looking for an edge in their medical school application.

(Posted on 10/15/2015)
Well worth every penny (and probably a few more!) Review by Marianne
Dibah is amazing. She herself is incredibly inspiring but what she got out of me went above and beyond.

I decided 18 months ago that I wanted to return to university and apply for graduate medicine. I studied hard for the GAMSAT and honestly thought that would be hardest part of the application process. Little did I know....
Three interviews, two rejections and 1 waiting list later my confidence and nerves were at an all time low and I'm not a nervous person!

I decided that I needed to make one last attempt at securing a place for September 2014 and applied to St Georges course run at the University of Nicosia. They offered me an interview and I panicked. How was I going to get over the final hurdle this time? I'd purchased Dibah's book "Graduate Entry Medicine 2014-2015" earlier in the application cycle and had found this the most helpful in my previous preparation so I pulled this out again and visited her website looking for "inspiration". It wasn't that I hadn't prepared but re-reading Dibah's website I opened up to the truth that I hadn't "practised". I was afraid of saying my answers out loud in case they sounded stupid. Very nervously, I took the plunge and bought an hour of Dibah's time. Suffice to say I needed more than an hour but it is the best money I've spent to date.

Dibah was friendly and warm and made me feel like she was on my side. She asked me questions so that she got a feel of the real me and helped me answer the questions based on what I had to say not on what some book said was the best way to answer the question. Dibah was brutally honest (but always in a nice way) which is what I needed. She enabled me to perform in the way that I needed to so that I could be successful at interview and gave me the confidence to ask those around me for help thereby giving me the interview exposure that I so desperately needed.

I've learnt so many skills in the last couple of weeks that are not only useful in interview but will also benefit me during my career as a medical student and then as a doctor. Thank you!

(Posted on 7/9/2014)
The biggest thank you Review by Mrs C.
We have no doubt that it was thanks to your consulting sessions that J was able to perform confidently at his interviews (and actually, thanks to your invaluable initial advice, get the interviews too!). This definitely made the difference between last year's miss and this year's successes. Your interview practice was totally invaluable and will give my son skills for life. (Posted on 5/23/2014)

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