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Dr Rachel Vernazza, Mr Andres Mandol-Wiens •  Oct 29, 2019

Even though the GMC (General Medical Council) sets a standard for UK medical education, many schools or colleges still vary their teaching styles and course structure within the guidelines. The type of teaching may influence your ability to learn specific topics when it comes to the complicated world of medical science. Some of the most common questions are “how do we practice surgical training?” or "which medical schools do full body dissection?"

Since medical school anatomy and physiology are at the core of medicine, you might think dissections are taught the same way at every school. There are actually many variations and methods being used to study anatomy and human tissue! Dissection is the method favoured by most schools BUT if you would like to find out more about the different methods or styles, please click here to read our blog post on the subject. If you're just looking for information about specific schools, take a look at the chart below. We've done the research so you don't have to wonder how schools teach medical students how to study blood vessels, digestive systems and more!

Disclaimer: All the information below is subject to change. You are advised to confirm with the university of your choice before applying.

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We hope this information is helpful in helping you to decide which medical schools to apply for. For more information onmedical schools in the UK you may also be interested in ourGet Into Medical School Guidebook which covers each individual school as well as tips and advice for your personal statement, admissions exams and interview. 

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Amit Jivani
Amit Jivani

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