by Dibah Jiva December 17, 2018 3 min read

theMSAG meets a huge number of keen enthusiastic students from the Liverpool region for the Apprentice Hub initiative to encourage young persons to go into higher education or take apprenticeship opportunities.


The Liverpool City Regional Skills Show was a one-of-a-kind conference with Prospects UK collaborating with the Liverpool Apprentice Hub to put on an inspiring spectacle for all of the students who visited. Held at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre, over 4000 students, teachers and parents made their way through the 80 or so exhibitor stands. There were police sirens wailing (as part of a demo), crêpes being flambéed, scratching of DJ decks and above all of this, was the sound of excitement!

Interactive clinical skills demonstrations light up the eyes of curious students

TheMSAG brought along a team of seven guides to run our exhibitor stand, including the founder and CEO of The Medical School Application Guide LTD, Dr Dibah Jiva. Our aim was simple: to engage with students who were just starting to develop a curiosity in the fantastic world of Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare. It almost came as a surprise to meet such enthusiastic career advisors, teachers and influencers who share our aim to help students succeed in their medical or dental school applications. The response was fantastic with several delegates visiting our interactive exhibition stand to try their hand at the many clinical skills stations that we put on. These included learning how to examine the heart, lungs and eyes, as well as the chance to have a go at stitching up a wound. The smiles on the students’ faces and endless chats about careers in Medicine was all the feedback that we needed to know that these students wanted to become doctors and dentists of the future!


''Having the unique opportunity to inspire the next generation of doctors with theMSAG team was a privilege. I will never forget the special moments when their eyes lit up with fascination as they tied their first ever sutures under our guidance.'' – Dr Rony Sanyal, Online Interview Course Manager at theMSAG , GP trainee, Birmingham.

Sharing knowledge & experiences with students on the stages

TheMSAG took to the stages too to share some of our clinical experience as doctors and medical students to large audiences of delegates. Dr Hrush Vyas, Miss Samiyah Saghir and I delivered a presentation on the ABCs of saving lives on the Future Skills stage, taking our audience on a patient’s journey from being found unconscious on a beach to being resuscitated using CPR. Dr Dibah Jiva and I shared unique insights into the life of an eye surgeon, using interactive demonstrations on the Future Skills stage.


Dr Dibah Jiva used her 11 years of experience in guiding students to achieve their potential in their medical school applications, to deliver an enthralling talk on making the most out of your work experience. It included some crucial nuggets that any student would benefit from during their application to university or future jobs:

  1. Make a good impression at the start of your work experience
  2. Know who you are working for
  3. Learn how to reflect on your work experience
  4. Obtain referral letters from each work experience that can feed directly into your UCAS application

TheMSAG helps to guide students throughout their work experiences

We appreciate that it’s so challenging to get clinical experiences that provide insights for students to know more about life as a doctor or dentist. As such, we offer a Medical School Preparation Course in Liverpool Science Park for students over the summer holiday. Click here for more information. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn how to perform basic examination techniques and how to start preparing for medical school. Furthermore, should your students require help in finding work experience, theMSAG has a large network of doctors across the UK who can help. If you think that you or your students would benefit from help in finding work experience, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and we would be more than happy to help.

The Liverpool City Regional Skills Show 2018 was an amazingly busy and fun day. It was a fantastic chance to meet keen students and dedicated careers advisors and heads of schools. As well as this, we were able to share our knowledge and clinical experiences with the doctors and dentists of tomorrow. We at TheMSAG relish the opportunity to put what we’ve learnt into action over the course of the next year. Keep checking in with our blog – TheMSAG in action – for more news about how we support schools, teachers, parents and students across the world.

See more on theMSAG in action:

Dibah Jiva
Dibah Jiva

Dr Dibah Jiva is the Founder & CEO of the Medical School Application Guide (theMSAG). She attended the University of Nottingham Medical School. She has personally helped >500 families get students into medical school and has consulted for medical school applications for the past 12 years. 

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