Medical School Interviews

Why you don’t need 100 medical school interview practice questions

Why you don’t need 100 medical school interview practice questions

January 20, 2020 3 min read

Practice questions are great, but is that the best way to prepare for your medical school interview?  Interviews are your last chance to show why you are a good candidate for medicine, so it’s important to prepare well. Let theMSAG show you why practice questions aren't the only thing you need!
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Getting ready for your MMI: medical school interview tips

Getting ready for your MMI: medical school interview tips

January 17, 2020 5 min read

You have received an invitation to an MMI interview and the last hurdle before the coveted spot in medical school has arrived. If you are unsure of how to start getting ready for your MMI, browse no further, as here we have outlined all the necessary steps to take to ensure you have thoroughly covered all bases and walk in that interview confident and well-prepared.
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Medical school interview: suit do’s and don'ts

Medical school interview: suit do’s and don'ts

January 16, 2020 3 min read

The preamble leading up to the big interview day is filled with trials and tribulations, from practicing interview questions to booking transport and accommodation. With that in mind, the last thing you want is to be adding the extra stress of fretting over what to wear to a medical school interview. You may have already familiarised yourself with our guide Medical school interview: what to wear to look professional, so have a read of our brief list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you ace that interview attire.
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Newcastle medical school: interview questions and what you need to know

Newcastle medical school: interview questions and what you need to know

January 14, 2020 5 min read

You have received an invitation to attend an interview at Newcastle and you are not sure how to proceed or what to do to start your preparation. Don’t panic, as we have created this blog to break down Newcastle medical school’s interview process and give you an insight into what you can expect from the interview day, with some suggestions on how to prepare!
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MMI Medical School Interview Questions and Answers

MMI Medical School Interview Questions and Answers

January 13, 2020 5 min read

Whether you are a medicine or a dentistry applicant, you have probably heard of MMIs. You are also probably aware that MMIs are a somewhat new interview method used both by medical and dental schools that have become increasingly popular in the past few years - and at some places, have even replaced traditional panel interviews altogether. In this post, theMSAG dives into what an MMI is and how you can prepare for it!
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Medical School Interview Time Frame

Medical School Interview Time Frame

January 10, 2020 4 min read

You have written your personal statement, sat your UCAT exam, chased up supervisors for a letter of recommendation and finally submitted your application - the dreaded wait has now begun. The time between finalising your medical school application and receiving invites to interviews is a difficult period that can feel like forever and applicants often end up stressing over not having heard about interview dates. Fear not, as we from theMSAG are here to clear up all questions you might have regarding interview dates and timelines and settle your nerves in this stressful time.
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When Do Medical Schools Start Interviewing? 2019-2020

When Do Medical Schools Start Interviewing? 2019-2020

October 27, 2019 1 min read

We’ve written this blog to give you a good idea of when your medical school interview may happen. We’ve been in touch with all the medical school admissions committees in the UK, and asked when they’re likely to schedule interviews.  Here are the results!
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When do most medical school interview invites go out? 2019-2020

When do most medical school interview invites go out? 2019-2020

October 25, 2019 1 min read

You have likely spent what seems like ages drafting and then redrafting your personal statement and preparing for the UCAT. But, after all of your hard work for the application process so far, how do you know when to begin your interview preparation? Well, here at theMSAG we’ve contacted all UK medical school admissions committees. We have directly asked them when they will start sending their medical school interview invitations and when their 2019/20 interviews will be held. 
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What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

October 10, 2019 3 min read

Empathy and sympathy are two words you hear bounded around plenty but what do they each mean and how are they different from one another? This is something which confuses a lot of people and they are often used interchangeably. The reason for this is that they both deal with an individual’s ability to understand the feelings and emotions of another. In this blog post we explore the difference between the 2 and why empathy is so important in medicine.
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Convincing Communication Skills Interview Questions

February 13, 2019 6 min read

In this post, we cover communication skills interview questions and how you can use a structured approach to showing off your ability to communicate in both your medical school interview and personal statement. Note that although this article focuses on communication, it is also applicable to other aspects of interviews such as talking about your strength and weaknesses. 
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Birmingham Medical School Interview Guide

January 31, 2019 5 min read

Studying medicine at the University of Birmingham will offer you a first-class opportunity to develop the necessary skills to become a healthcare professional in the country’s largest healthcare region with the help of state-of-the-art facilities. If you are interested in the programme and plan to apply to a Birmingham medicine interview, we have compiled some important information regarding the process and gathered our best tips on how to successfully prepare for the task.

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The Importance of Medical Ethics

January 28, 2019 8 min read

Medical ethics will quickly become part of your life upon gaining a place at medical school, but an appreciation of modern medical ethics is also a necessary tool for your medical school interview, as you will undoubtedly encounter ethical questions. This is why we will provide you with an introduction to the field of medical ethics and its basic principles, to help start you on your journey in the medical profession.

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Keele University Medicine Interview Guide

January 25, 2019 5 min read

Keele Medical School runs a 5 year MBChB course, with 150 medical students in each year. Keele University Medicine has always ranked highly amongst UK Medical Schools, placing 6th in the 2018 Guardian League table. Read on to find out more aboutKeele Medical School interview questions and how to approach them with some tips from us as to how to succeed!
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Bristol Medicine Interview Guide

January 20, 2019 5 min read

Bristol medical school is a leading UK institution, which places great value on multi-disciplinary work, dedicated to the education of leading world-class clinicians and scientists. If you are interested in applying to Bristol medical school and would like more information on the structure of the course, as well as their expectations of you at theBristol medicine interview, view this post!
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Ethics Questions Asked at Medical Interviews - Euthanasia

January 20, 2019 5 min read

Euthanasia is a hotly contested topic and is frequently discussed in the media. As part of your medical school interview, questions will likely be asked on ethical principles. Euthanasia is the termination of an ill person’s life, but in the UK laws mean that assisted suicide gives you 14 years imprisonment. In this blog post, we provide you with some of the information so you can begin forming your own views.

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Southampton Medicine Interview Guide

January 18, 2019 5 min read

The University of Southampton is one of the UK’s leading medical schools and has an international reputation for its clinical research. With only 210 medical admissions, it is no surprise that places atSouthampton Medical School are extremely competitive. Therefore, it is very important that you prepare for theSouthampton medicine interview. But how do you actually prepare for it? What do you need to know?
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UEA Medical School Interview Guide

January 14, 2019 6 min read

Norwich Medical School is based at the University of East Anglia (UEA). It has been running a five-year MBBS course since it opened in 2002. By 2019 intake, there will be 208 medical students per year. UEA prides itself on being a teacher of 21st-century medicine and if you have applied this year, then read on for more information about UEA Medicine interviews.

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MMI Preparation: How to Approach the Picture Station

January 11, 2019 5 min read

Sometimes the MMI circuit during a medicine interview includes an MMI Picture Station. In that station, you will be given a picture and expected to be able to describe it as if you were describing it to someone who was not in the room next to you. This might be a task that is novel to you and you might be unsure on how to approach it, view our best tips on how to tackle this MMI station!
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How to Answer Why Do you Want to be a Doctor?

January 07, 2019 5 min read

"Why do you want to be a doctor?" is undoubtedly one of the most common interview questions when applying for medicine. Answering this question well is a crucial component of a successful interview and a subsequent offer to a medical school, so if you need help figuring out and structuring your answer, continue reading below.
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Hull York Medical School Interview Guide

January 06, 2019 5 min read

Hull-York Medical School (HYMS) is a relatively new medical school, formed in partnership between the University of York and the University of Hull. It began the MB BS programme in 2003 and has an intake of 156 medical students per year, with half based at Hull and the other half at York. Hull and York Medical School prides itself on delivering ‘innovative and rigorous medical education and research’.
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St George’s Medical School Interview Guide

January 04, 2019 6 min read

St George’s University of London medical school (SGUL) has a history dating back to 1733. It is one offive medical schools in London. Here we cover all you need for your St George's medicine interview. We will cover the course structure, teaching styles, PBL, clinical experiences, advice from medical students at St George's Medical School and more! 

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How to Answer Medical School Interview Ethical Questions

January 02, 2019 5 min read

One of the reasons that people find ethics daunting is that there is often no obviously correct answer; two people could give completely opposite opinions and both get excellent marks. In this blog, I will share with you a suggested structure for answering this type of questions during your medical school interviews.

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How to Prepare for Medical School Interview: The Group Task

December 30, 2018 6 min read

You have submitted your medical school application and you have received the desperately awaited email - you have been invited to an interview! Some universities have implemented new and creative interview formats to evaluate you though, so don’t be alarmed if the details read that you will be put through a group task. Read below our best tips on how to perform well on interview day if you expect to be given a group task.

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Plymouth Medical School Interview Guide

December 28, 2018 5 min read

Prepare for the Plymouth Medical School Interview. Regarded as one of England's top four programmes, Plymouth medical school offers a strong clinical and research environment with emphasis on early hands-on experience. If you are interested in applying or have already received an interview invitation, read our post for advice on how to ace the  Plymouth's Medicine Interview.
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December 24, 2018 6 min read

Prepare for theLiverpool Medical School Interview. The University of Liverpool’s school of medicine is one the largest in the country. It accepts 280 students onto its five-year MBChB programme each year. The foundations of the medical school were established in 1834. It has since grown dramatically, being fully incorporated into the University of Liverpool in 1903. Get started on preparing for yourLiverpool Medicine Interview!
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Nottingham Medical School Interview Guide

December 22, 2018 6 min read

The medical school at the University of Nottingham first started taking students in 1975. In 2018 there were 206 places on the 5-year BMBS course. Here we cover the Nottingham Medical School interview and tips to help you prepare! 

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Newcastle Medical School Interview Questions

December 19, 2018 6 min read

We cover the Newcastle Medical School interview. We will provide you with insights in the Newcastle medicine interview and which types of questions to expect. This guide covers the course structure, tips for the Newcastle interview as well as advice from a current Newcastle Medical School Student.
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The STARR Interview: Medical School Interview Techniques

December 16, 2018 7 min read

Well done for crossing the first hurdle in the application process! With your personal statement done and dusted, you can now focus on the medicine interview. There are three main types of questions and in this post, we will be discussing how to use the STARR technique to answer example-based questions.
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Medical Ethics Interview Questions - Should the NHS Fund Fertility Treatment?

December 12, 2018 4 min read

Getting medical ethics questions in your medical school interview is not uncommon. So, let’s imagine you are half way around yourMMI Circuit and you get asked to answer the following question:Should the NHS fund fertility treatment? How would you go about answering this question as a future medical student/doctor? Well if you’re not quite sure yet, this blog will cover everything you need to know to help you give an informative and insightful answer.

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How to approach Lancaster Medical School interview questions

December 10, 2018 5 min read

Lancaster University Medical School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which have a key focus on research-led teaching. With only 129 medical admission places, it is no surprise that places at Lancaster Medical School are extremely competitive; therefore it is very important that you prepare for their interview. But how do you actually prepare for it? What do you need to know? 

This guide will cover all you need to know and how to prepare for the Lancaster Medicine interview!

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Oxford Medical School Interview Guide

December 05, 2018 4 min read

Oxford University Medical School is renowned for its first class academic reputation, famous collegiate system and beautiful location. It is a popular choice amongst aspiring medics and in today's blog post we will be looking at the Oxford medicine interview in detail, as well as offering advice to help you secure a place at the university.

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Manchester Medicine Interview Guide

December 03, 2018 6 min read

Prepare for youManchester Medical School Interview! The Manchester Medical School is the largest medical school in the country, with over 2,000 undergraduates. Medical education dates back to 1752, but the faculty of medicine itself opened in 1873. In this blog post, we will cover information about theManchester medicine interview and the course, as well as tips and advice to help you prepare for your interview.

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Imperial Medical School Interview Guide

November 29, 2018 6 min read

Imperial College London is a world top ten university, with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Therefore, it is no surprise admissions for medicine at Imperial is highly competitive.

So the question is, how do you prepare for it? What do you need to know?

Here to answer all your questions, is a simple guide to the Imperial Medical School Interview!

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Cambridge Medicine Interview Preparation

November 25, 2018 6 min read

ACambridge medicine interview can be quite different compared to other medical schools. Beyond the initial style, the interview questions vary from college to college and are perhaps less focused on personal qualities and more on your level of understanding currently. In this blog post, we will look at the interview process in detail, as well as offering ourtips and advice to help you ace your interview.
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King's College London Medicine Interview Guide

November 22, 2018 6 min read

You've done the work experience, sat yourUKCAT, submitted yourpersonal statement and now it's time for the all-important medicine interview. For many students, this may be your first experience of a formal interview which can be pretty daunting, so in this blog post, we'll go through the key things you need to know, as well as some tips and advice to help you ace yourKing's College London medicine interview on the day.

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Leicester Medical School Interview Guide

November 15, 2018 6 min read

Prepare for the Leicester Medical School interview. Founded in 1975, theUniversity of Leicester prides itself on providing the most state of the art facilities for teaching. No wonder, it’s a highly sought-after destination for lots of medical school applicants. So, if you’ve already got an interview offer or waiting to hear back from them, it’s time to start preparing for your Leicester medicine interview!

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When do Medical Schools Start Interviewing?

November 05, 2018 7 min read

We have contacted medical schools admissions committees across the UK. With this info, we have compiled a list of UK medical school interview dates for 2018-19.

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50 Medical School Interview Questions

October 27, 2018 4 min read

You've submitted your personal statement, aced the UCAT/BMAT and now it's time for the all-important med school interview. It can be a daunting prospect but the key is to practice so that you can be as prepared and calm as possible on the day of your medicine interview.

In this blog post, we have listed 50 medical school interview questions that students are commonly asked to help you get started.
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When Do Medical Schools Send Interview Invites?

October 26, 2018 2 min read

Worried about when medicals schools start sending out interview invites for 2018-19? In this blog post we have listed the latest up to date information for all medical schools in the UK.
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Most common medical school interview questions

September 18, 2018 5 min read

We’ve put together a list of themost commonly asked questions at medical school interviews so you can prepare to ace your interview! 
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Medical School Interview WHAT TO WEAR

September 10, 2018 5 min read

Congratulations! You have been invited for an interview for medical school. Now the question lingers, "what should I wear?" Here we provide tips for men and women to look the part during their medical school interview!
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How to Approach the Role Play Interview

February 21, 2018 4 min read

So, you're almost there with your medical school interview preparation. You've learned all about the NHS, mastered ethical scenarios but there is one more thing, the MMI Role-Playing Station. Prepare for the role play interview with these top six tips!
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UK Medical Shows to Help with Medical School Interviews

January 27, 2018 4 min read

There are many resources for medical school applicants to use to help prepare for the medical school interview. One unique resource that often times might get overlooked is UK medical shows that portray the life of working in medicine. Here we cover different resources and shows, from the UK, you can use to help prepare for your medicine interview! 

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How to Answer Questions About Abortion for an Interview for Medical School

January 18, 2018 4 min read

Questions about abortion for an interview. Learn how to answer medical school interview questions on abortion. This blog covers the best way to structure your answer to this challenging ethical question during your med school interview.

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How to Deal with Stress at Your Medical School Interview

December 02, 2017 4 min read

Applying to medical school can be a stressful experience, and, for many, the interview can be the peak of this. So, how do people manage stress when applying to med school? Here we provide a short guide on how to keep your stress under control in the run-up to and during the medical school interview.
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Medical School Interviews a Practical Guide

November 06, 2017 4 min read

Medical School Interviews a Practical Guide offers you 6 key steps to acing your medical school interview! These 6 steps can help you prepare for your medicine interviews so you can go into them confidently and ready to shine! 
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