Liverpool Medicine Interview

by Alexander Lee December 19, 2022 5 min read

For 2021, 2051 interviews interviewed at University of Liverpool, and 475 offers were made (23%)

2023 Liverpool Medicine Interviews


The Liverpool medicine interview format is a predicted to be an multiple mini Interview format, however this has yet to be confirmed. The interview will typically be 20-30 minutes, with each accessor giving an independent score.


Interviews are scheduled for the 9th January 2023 to 10th February 2023. Decisions will be made in the three weeks following the interview and are purely based on your MMI performance.


The interview questions will be compatible with the General Medical Council (GMC) - Values Based Recruitment document and the Selecting for Excellence report.

What Interview Questions to Expect

Expect to be evaluated for your motivation for a career in medicine. Given the strenuous career decisions about being a doctor, your application requires relevant work experiences, GCSE and A-Level grades. You need to ensure you understand the roles of a doctor and have first-hand experience within the medical field as well as coming across as a professional.

Your assessors may evaluate your teamwork skills. The medical field requires teamwork extensively, especially during a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting. They will most likely ask you questions based on any prior teamworking experience, i.e Sports teams, leadership positions in school, Duke of Edinburgh awards; any prior experience to teamwork.

University of Liverpool will most likely have a station that requires students to do some basic calculations, to assess your numerical literacy. Be prepared to do some drug, percentage and unit conversion calculations - as this comes up frequently.

As a medical professional - it is expected that all medical students will keep up to date with recent medical breakthroughs and problems as the British Medical journal, Brexit and the problems the NHS is currently experiencing. Be sure to be up to date with the current literature!

Throughout your interview, you will be assessed on your ability to deliver clear and concise information in a clear and effective manner. Ensure you focus on maintaining good body language and maintaining eye contact. These skills are very important as you will be relaying difficult information to both colleagues and patients in the future.

Liverpool's Scoring System

The scoring system for University of Liverpool is still under review - they have yet to publish how they would grade applicants.

How to answer "Why do you want to study Medicine at the University of Liverpool?" in an interview

To give a concise and comprehensive answer to this question at your interview, there are three essential elements your answer needs to have :

    1. Specific knowledge about the school, programme, place
    2. Why the elements you mentioned are attractive to you
    3. Evidence that you have made an effort to research the school and programme

Point 2 and 3 above are essential to deliver a strong answer that is personal to you. In this section, we will help you brainstorm point 1 to help you get started in preparing your answer.

What is unique about the course at Liverpool?

Liverpool’s MBChB degree is delivered through a spiral model; this means the content gets more difficult and more in depth as you spend more time learning at the university. The course begins as an integrated systems-based approach. This means they will go through different specialties in designated blocks such as anatomy, physiology, pathology - every few weeks. The first 2 years are non-clinical to gain the fundamentals of medicine, before placements in years 3, 4 and 5.

What is unique about Liverpool and its Medical School?

This university has an emphasis on self-directed learning - every year there are specialised blocks within the course to explore areas you would like to explore. This allows students to have a variety of different research opportunities. Additionally, the university is affiliated with Alder Hey children's hospital, a leader in children's healthcare and research, with a thriving research portfolio in areas such as children's medicines, infection, inflammation and oncology.

Why else would people choose Liverpool Medical School?

The city of Liverpool offers a unique experience on a social level - the city offers everything including theatres, bars and restaurants. It's home to the iconic football clubs - Liverpool football club, a variety of art galleries such as the Walker art gallery and a history of music - with the city being the birth place of iconic bands such as the Beatles and the Wombats.

Liverpool Interview Experiences

"I had a panel interview with 2 assessors and the interview was 20-30 minutes. They were relatively relaxed and very friendly on their approach to the questions. They asked me questions based on academia as well as my other interests related to my suitability to the course."

Date of interview - Jan 2021

"Both members who interviewed me were members of the faculty - one was a clinical lecturer and the other was part of the university recruitment team. ."

Date of interview - Jan 2021

"They gave multiple role play scenarios and assessed what I would do in these. This was difficult as there were multiple follow up questions related to the topic that required critical thinking in order to generate a sufficient answer.."

Date of interview - Jan 2021

Our Top Liverpool Interview Tips

Liverpool Interview Tip #1

Brush up on Medical Ethics

Learn the 4 pillars of medical ethics and the NHS constitution

I found my Liverpool medicine interview had an emphasis on medical ethics within the role play scenario. I would learn the 4 pillars and “Values based recruitment” found on the NHS website - in particular, rehearsing the how to apply these core values within a role play scenario. These are specifically identified on the Liverpool university medical school selection criteria and should be rehearsed as a “mock interview”.

Liverpool Interview Tip #2

Explore the city of Liverpool

If possible visit, but explore the city of Liverpool online

This curriculum is 5 years - and with the entry requirements being as competitive as they are - you should showcase that this is the medical school for you. As Medical students you will not only be involved in academia, as part of the NHS workforce; but you will also be living in the city of Liverpool. Having an understanding of the history and its surrounding area therefore becomes very important - not only as a potential answer to the Liverpool medicine interview, but as a future medical student at the University of Liverpool.

Liverpool Interview Tip #3

Be comfortable doing quick maths

Learn how to be fast with mathematical calculations

Liverpool medical school has consistently had a maths literacy question during their interview process. You should therefore be familiar with this and anticipate this medicine interview question will be repeated as a station during your MMI. This is an easy question to separate yourself from your peers, and could potentially boost your score - especially given the competitive entry requirements.

Alex is currently a first year medical student, studying at Barts and the London. He has previously applied to Liverpool school of medicine as a graduate applicant.