by Ash Mandavia October 26, 2018 2 min read

The months of September and October are tough times for all of you applying to medical school. Some of you would have spent what seems like an age drafting and then redrafting your personal statements. Others would have been revising for the UCAT (UKCAT) hoping that the shapes in the Abstract Reasoning section somehow formed a pattern. But one universal truth is that all of you navigated the labyrinth that is the UCAS primary application form. Congrats on surviving the application process! So, now what? The medical school admissions process is not over yet - now you’ve entered the medical school interview time frame. Do you get the feeling that you’ve entered the calm before the storm? Any moment now your phone could buzz or your laptop could ping when that email appears. We appreciate that the stress and anxiety can be tough.


Here at the MSAG, we don’t like it when prospective medical students are stressed! If you’re worrying that you haven’t received your invite yet, keep reading. We’ve written this blog to give you a bit of peace of mind. We’ve got in touch with all the med schools in UK. We’ve asked them when they’re likely to start sending invites. Check out the list by clicking the button below: 

Click here to view invite schedule


So, now that you know when you might receive your invite for an interview, what's next? Start preparing for those interviews - you’ll be amazed how quickly they come around! We hope that the information in this blog post has been helpful. Now you can spend less time checking your email inbox and more time preparing for your interviews. 

We hope this is helpful in preparing for your interview. However, if you would like more help or the opportunity to practice your medical school interview answers with a qualified doctor or interview expert then make sure view our medical school interview preparation services, like our mock interview circuits or interview courses!

Ash Mandavia
Ash Mandavia

Dr Ashish Mandavia studied at the University of Bristol where he also spent 2 years on their interview panel. He is the former Products & Services Director with theMSAG, and also has been known to moonlight as an A&E Doctor.

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