When do most medical school interview invites go out?

Medical School Interview · Oct. 25, 2019.  Dr Rachel Vernazza

Rachel is a Dentist and a new recruit for theMSAG - starting things off by contacting medical schools across the UK so you don't have to!

The weeks beyond the October 15th deadline can be daunting for all of you med school applicants. You have likely spent what seems like ages drafting and then redrafting your 
personal statement and preparing for the UCAT (UKCAT). But, after all of your hard work for the application process so far, how do you know when to begin your interview preparation? Well, here at theMSAG we’ve contacted all UK medical school admissions committees. We have directly asked them when they will start sending their medical school interview invitations and when their 2019/20 interviews will be held. Take a look in our table below to tailor your interview preparation timeline to the schools you’ve applied to.


TIP: If you're on a computer, press Control+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac) to find your school instantly! 


What's next - medical school interview courses to help you prepare

So, now that you know when you might receive your invite for an interview, what's next? Start preparing for those interviews - you’ll be amazed how quickly they come around! We hope that the information in this blog post has been helpful. Now you can spend less time checking your email inbox and more time preparing for your interviews.

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