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Top Tips for UCAT: Abstract Reasoning

by Giulia Bankov July 28, 2020

The ability to spot patterns from a set of unknown information is an important skill for everyone looking to get into medical school or studies medicine and the UCAT Abstract Reasoning section of the exam tests exactly that ability. Here we cover our Top 5 UCAT Abstract Reasoning Tips to help you prepare for this section of the UCAT!
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Top 5 Verbal Reasoning UCAT Tips

by Madeline Page July 27, 2020

The aim of Verbal Reasoning is to test your ability to read comprehensively an unknown block of text and evaluate it. The Verbal Reasoning section of the UCAT gives you 21 minutes to answer 44 questions, so even solely from a timing point of view, it is understandable why this is such a feared part of the exam. Not to worry, as we are here to give you our best UCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips!

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Applying for UCATSEN

Applying for UCATSEN

by Madeline Page July 03, 2020

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) has four different types of ‘test versions’ as well as special arrangements to enable people to fulfil their potential in the UCAT and remove accessibility barriers. Read on to find out about ‘UCATSEN’ types, timings, eligibility and accessibility in our blog!
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UCAT Universities - What is the UCAT cut off?

by Dibah Jiva May 07, 2020

Although all medical schools are looking for applicants who will ultimately make good doctors, each medical school has their own selection process. Therefore, the way in which medical schools uses the UCAT score is variable, and cut-offs (if they are used) vary each year depending on cohort performance. Considering how well any given school’s selection process matches your own strengths and weaknesses is key to making sure you have the greatest chance of a successful application. 

So, this blog will focus on how are UCAT scores used by different medical schools! 

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Unis to Apply with Low UCAT Score

by Shivani Sharma September 12, 2019

All medical schools are looking for applicants who will make good doctors in the future, however each university has their own selection process. Considering how well any given school’s selection process matches your own strengths and weaknesses is key to making sure you have the greatest chance of a successful application.

Aside from your UCAT score there are many other important parameters in a medical application, including your GCSE grades, A-levels and personal statement; and applying to Universities which focus more on these criteria will help your application if you did not manage to achieve a high UCAT score.

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Where to apply with an average UCAT score

by Gerens Curnow July 22, 2019

The UCAT is the most commonly used aptitude test for the medical admissions process for schools in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. How each school use these scores varies, as does the performance of candidates each year, but for the last two years, the overall average score has been around 620-635 (note that the 2019 results have not yet been released). In this blog post we will talk through the best options for you if you have achieved an average UCAT score.

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UCAT test - top tips and advice

by Caroline Olabisi July 15, 2019

So you’ve decided you want to study medicine or dentistry? You realise that the medical school or dental school you want to apply for requires the UCAT test? Fear not, we are here to give you our six top tips to scoring well in the UCAT!
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How to Tackle the UCAT Abstract Reasoning Patterns

by Giulia Bankov June 30, 2019

The Abstract Reasoning questions aim to test your ability to identify patterns amongst unfamiliar information and as such, can be particularly challenging, especially without prior practice. Fear not, however, as we have compiled a list of tips below to help you ace theUCAT Abstract Reasoning section!
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Best UCAT Preparation Resources 2019

by Giulia Bankov June 28, 2019

Preparing for the UCAT and unsure where to start with all the UCAT preparation resources available? Don't worry we are here to help you narrow it down! Here we have compiled a list of the best UCAT prepraration resources for 2019 entry!
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UCAT Timing Tips to Manage Your Time Efficiently

by Giulia Bankov June 25, 2019

The UCAT is a very time-pressured exam, often giving you no more than 20 seconds per question. This can be initially quite challenging and stressful but with good preparation and practice, you will be able to ace it in no time. Here are some of our best timing tips when it comes to successfully sitting the 2019 UCAT!

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UCAT Keyboard Shortcuts

by Giulia Bankov June 19, 2019

While practising to answer questions accurately and fast is a big part of high performance at the UCAT, there are several other strategies that, if mastered well, will help you shave off valuable seconds on test day. Some of them are becoming familiar with and getting used to using the UCAT keyboard shortcuts, which are covered in this blog post!

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UCAT Techniques to Master

by Giulia Bankov June 14, 2019

If you are a prospective dental or medical student, you probably know that there is a very high chance you might have to sit the UCAT as part of your application. So, we have compiled our best UCAT techniques to help you get a high score on the exam!
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