BMAT Course

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Taught by top-scoring Cambridge tutors


Every BMAT section will be reviewed


Engaging sessions with polls and activities


Go over the theory, notes & practice

Our BMAT Course is a comprehensive 30-hour package of expert live teaching, tools, and resources, made to maximize your time, effort, and resources.

  • 16-hour Content & Strategy sessions - cover all the fundamental topics and testing strategies you need for the BMAT.
  • Cambridge tutors - exclusively taught by Oxbridge tutors, for trusted advice and support
  • Coaching - Weekly coaching sessions for 3 months to maximize your success. See schedule.
  • BMAT Ninja's Question Bank - 6,000+ high-quality practice questions
  • 2 BMAT essays redrafted & reviewed
  • Flexibility. We can meet over several weeks, intensively over one weekend, or anything in between. Come back as often as you want.
  • Personalised feedback - Your teacher will send you feedback after every two-hour class
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