Get Into Medical School for Undergraduates UK 2019-20

A definitive guide to undergraduate medicine in the UK

Clear & concise

We don’t make it any more complicated than it needs to be. If you are an undergraduate applicant looking to get into medicine, this guide has everything you need. School breakdowns, admissions criteria, programme info… find it all here! 


Get Into Medical School for Undergraduates UK 2019-20

So you’ve decided to pursue a career in medicine… congratulations! This is an exciting, ground-breaking and rewarding field. However, when you’re just starting the application process, you might not have time to research every single school and programme. We saved you the time and did the work for you! 

We’ve contacted every single medical school by email, telephone or personal visit. The UK Undergrad Guidebook includes reference tables for all 31 UK universities or medical schools open to undergraduate applicants. There is a mini-chapter for each school (full list below). Mini-chapters cover rankings, academic and non-academic requirements, tuition fees, eligibility factors and details on the selection process. 

Now in its 8th Edition, theMSAG Undergraduate Entry Medicine book has been a trusted reference for almost a decade. It is currently used nationwide for both applicants and career advisers.Tailored by DrDr. Dibah Jiva, this is THE most comprehensive guidebook in the UK.   

What's included?

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information

  • Covers all 31 UK medical schools

  • Over 30 collaborators from across the UK

  • How to decide if medicine is right for you

  • How to make a strong, stand-out application

  • Advice on building your extracurricular portfolio

  • How to write an excellent personal statement

  • How to ace your medicine interview



Having sat the UCAT (UKCAT) & BMAT, we know how intimidating it can be. That is why we give up-to-date information on the format & scoring of these exams. We also provide suggestions for further resources, including free resources that are available!


Is Medicine Right for You?

Of course, we present all the facts about medical school applications. To show the full picture, we also present the real-life experiences of doctors and medical students across the country. We’ll do whatever we can to help ensure studying medicine is the right career choice for you. 


A Trusted Resource

We have years of experience supporting medical school applicants just like you. That means we’re able to present all the information needed to create a successful medical school application. This book is a complete guide through the process of medical school applications in the UK. 


Covers all UK Med Schools

We’re proud to say we have detailed and up-to-date information on every single UK medical school or college. For a detailed list, see below.

Get Into Medical School for Undergraduates UK 2019-20


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UK Universities covered

 Aston UniversityUniversity of Central Lancashire
Barts and the London School of Medicine and DentistryUniversity of Dundee
Brighton and SussexUniversity of Edinburgh
Cardiff University School of MedicineUniversity of Exeter
Hull York Medical SchoolUniversity of Glasgow
Imperial College LondonUniversity of Lancaster
Keele UniversityUniversity of Leeds
King’s College LondonUniversity of Leicester
Newcastle UniversityUniversity of Liverpool
Queen’s University BelfastUniversity of Manchester
St George’s University of LondonUniversity of Norwich
University College LondonUniversity of Nottingham
University of AberdeenUniversity of Oxford
University of BirminghamUniversity of Plymouth
University of BristolUniversity of Sheffield
University of BuckinghamUniversity of Southampton
University of CambridgeUniversity of St Andrews

Medical School mini-chapters

 A brief description of the school & its unique propertiesSelection process & interview
A table of Undergraduate applications available with minimum criteriaCompetition ratios
A breakdown of the medical programmes offeredMedical School Rankings
Academic requirements & eligibilityMedical student opinions

Meet the Authors

Dr Dibah Jiva

Originally from France, Dibah did her first undergraduate degree in Nutrition at McGill University in Canada. She then went on to receive her medical degree in Nottingham. Here, she was amazed by how challenging the process was for foreign postgraduates. There was an empty void of information and support. 

Dibah researched, wrote and self-published the “Medical School Application Guidebook” in medical school. Its success has spawned a series of books covering almost all English-speaking Medical schools in the world. The UK version is now in its 9th edition and we have now published the Medical School Interview Book.  


Mr Gerens Curnow

Mr. Gerens Curnow is a Medical Student from the University of Exeter. He is the winner of the Educator Development Committee Award from the Association for the Study of Medical Education. 

He has given lectures to 70-100 A-level students on medical school applications. Additionally, he is the author of three of our Medical School Application Guidebooks.  


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