Medical School Interview Preparation Courses

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The Medical school interview: it's the last step, it's scary, it's hard work, but it's also predictable. theMSAG has been helping students to get prepared for their medical or dental school interviews for 11 years. We are proud to say that our success rate of students who attended our courses in the last 5 year and gained a place at medical school in the UK is 98.5%. To maintain our standards year on year, we go the extra mile to tailor and personalise the courses to our students. You can rest assured that our facilitators are well trained and experienced in teaching you interview techniques to get ready for your medical school interview.

What medical school interview preparations courses do we offer?

With Dr Jiva's 11 years of experience, eight team members currently or formerly part of UK medical school interview panels and another 30 doctors, dentists and medical students specifically trained for interview coaching, we are equipped to give you the most comprehensive interview preparation you need:

  • FREE online interview course
  • Full day Medical School Interview Course
  • 1/2 day 20 stations Realistic MMI Circuit
  • Hot topics - 20 videos online learning
  • Medical Ethics for your interview - 20 videos online learning
  • FAQ at medical school interviews - 20 videos online learning
  • The Medical School Interview Guidebook (Over 150 questions fully answered for you - coming soon 15th November 2018)

Start with the full-day Medical School Interview Course which covers all the knowledge you need to get started. This small group course (9 to 12 students for 3 to 4 facilitators) is an opportunity for each student to be guided and coached throughout the day on each type of question and MMI station. The course covers panel practice as well as the MMI format of interviews, including role plays, ethical scenarios, etc. You will learn how to structure your answers, how to formulate your answers and be given feedback on your progress throughout the day. Our founder, Dr Jiva's advice is that if you only do one thing out of all the above to prepare for your interview, you should pick the course

"The medicine interview course days is when I have seen students improve the most their own skills and fastest. MMI circuits are great for additional practice and 1-1 tutoring are great to tackle specific weaknesses, but still, the full day course is the single most efficient preparation method where without fail a student really improves their skill from morning to evening. The coaching they get all day, repeated practice in a small group and feedback is the most effective methodology"  - Dr Jiva.

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The unique feature of our MMI circuit that no other course in the UK offer is that each student who attends gets a personalised circuit. For example, if you have applied to King's College London medical school, you can ask to do 10 past stations for King's college in your circuit. You can do the same with any medical school or dental school as we have been collecting past questions from each of them. Also unique to our MMI circuits is that you will be filmed throughout the circuit and at the end of the MMI circuit, you will go around again and this time the interviewers will be filmed giving you feedback. You will go home with the video of both your MMI circuit and the feedback, as well as the marking schemes of all the stations you practised. 

How can you prepare for your medical school interview at home?

Interview coaching sessions are great for students who cannot come physically to attend our medical school interview course or our MMI circuit or for students who have a specific area they need further help. Interview coaching is also great to practice more interview questions specific to the school you are applying to and to give you mock interviews. They are usually run via video-conference and can also be in person depending on your location.

Online Medical School Interview Project: Our Medical School Online Interview Course is a comprehensive set of online videos to help improve your performance in medical school interviews. Our team have collaborated to create this e-learning resource for you. You can start as early as you want. You can learn at your own pace. Feel free to set your own goals to achieve success in your interview. The course is responsive with any device and created by a team of doctors with extensive medical admissions backgrounds. Learn at your own pace and track your progress! Start for free today!