Medical School Interview Courses
Medical School Interview Courses
Medical School Interview Courses

Medical School Interview Courses

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Medical School Interview Courses

Our full-day medical school interview preparation course gives you the interview techniques you need to ace traditional panel interviews and MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) type interviews.

The medicine interview: it’s where you can make a lasting impression. It's also the deciding factor as to whether or not you begin your medical school career. So, make sure you’re ready to ace the medical school interview with our full-day interview preparation course, where we help you improve your interview techniques.

Students who have attended our medical school interview course are being offered places at some of the top medical schools in the UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and more.

For the last 5 years, 98.5% of our students received an offer after their medical school interview. Follow in their footsteps and get into the medical school you want.

Medical School Interview Courses - Overview:

Our full-day interview courses were designed by doctors and are facilitated by both experienced medical doctors and senior medical students, who have the benefit of recent medical school interview experience. Additionally, 8 of our facilitators have sat or are currently on interview panels at medical schools around the UK.

With a maximum of 9 to 12 students per 3 to 4 facilitators, the small group size and interactive nature mean our students get lots of opportunities to practice delivering answers and receive individual feedback.

Using our question bank we’ll break down the questions for medical schools in the UK, and how you can make your answers stand out for all interview formats. From practice questions panel style to mock interviews in a realistic MMI circuit, we’ll make sure you are fully prepared for your medical school interview when the time comes.

What to expect at our Medical School Interview Courses:

In the full-day medical school interview course, we coach you on how to approach all types of interview questions and MMI stations. The course is not lecture based but is designed to offer a full-day practice where you are taught interview techniques, strategies, and how to structure your answers. Therefore, it gives you a real interview experience and you improve your abilities throughout the day.

 Topics covered during the course

Special MMI Stations

  • Most commonly asked questions
  • Group tasks
  • How to structure your answers
  • Calculation station
  • Data interpretation
  • Picture station
  • Duties of a doctor
  • Role-play station

For each topic, we will teach you how to approach each question type and how to apply the knowledge you have to an interview question and MMI scenario. So at the end of the day, you'll know how to approach each type of question really well, with different structures in mind and you will have practised many questions throughout the day and got feedback.

Before your course, we will provide online videos where you can view all of the teaching content before and after the course.

Medical School Interview Courses - The MMI Circuit

The course includes a short MMI circuit of 6 stations during the afternoon which we will video record (your practice and the feedback you receive). You can take home the video recording, with the marking schemes.

For the 6 MMI stations, 4 will be most common MMI stations, 1 will be on your personal statement and 1 you can choose for it to be a past question from the medical school or dental school of your choice.

Medical School Interview Courses - theMSAG Workbook

You will be provided theMSAG Medical School Interview Course Workbook. This comprehensive workbook will cover:

  • Frequently asked medical school interview questions
  • Structuring your answers
  • The GMC - good medical practice
  • How to stand out in a group task
  • The NHS structure
  • The NHS constitution and values
  • The principles of medical ethics
  • Data question types
  • The role play interview
  • Tips for answering frequently asked questions

Finally, you will be given access to online videos that teach you all the key topics you need to prepare for your interviews (these are additional videos from the free online interview course which is available to all for free).  

Medical School Interview Courses - Timetable

 Time Session
8:30 - 8:45 Registration
8:45 - 9:30 Most commonly asked questions practice
9:30 - 10:15 How to structure your answers
10:15 - 10:35 What is the GMC? GMC Duties of a Doctor
10:35 - 10:55 How to tackle a group task & group task practice
10:55 - 11:10 Break
11:10 - 11:50 The NHS structure and NHS current challenges
11:50 - 12:20 NHS constitution and values - review and questions practice
12:20 - 13:20 Medical ethics - learn the principals and discuss scenarios
13:20 - 14:10 Lunch
14:10 - 16:10 MMI circuit with feedback round
16:10 - 16:25 Break
16:25 - 17:05 How to approach role plays, data and picture stations
17:05 - 17:30 Feedback and wrap up
17:30 - 18:00 One to one support with facilitators 

Where are the courses held?

This year, we will be expanding to hold courses in four great cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and London. View our course locations.

Medical School Interview Courses Calendar

Why choose theMSAG’s Medical School Interview courses?

With 11 years of experience in medical school admissions, our team has designed our full-day medicine interview course with a small class size: 3-4 facilitators per 9 to 12 students offering a more personalised approach for our students. We are convinced this is what leads to our success rate (98.5%) year after year.

The medical school interview is updated each year, and thus the most up to date hot topics in healthcare that are relevant to your medical school interview will also be covered.

Medical school application resources

We offer a variety of online courses to help students prepare for NHS hot topics, the essentials of medical ethics, common debates in medical ethics and UKCAT preparation.

If you prefer a more personalised one-to-one approach when preparing for your med school interview, our Medical School Interview Coaching allows you to work alongside experienced doctors and medical students to help you ace the medicine interview!

We recommend that you start with doing our full-day interview course which focuses on all types of interview styles (panel and MMI). Following the full-day course, we recommend doing our ½ day MMI course if you need further practice or if you want to do more stations from a specific university.


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  • I did not receive my confirmation email with my order!

    Be sure to check your junk mail, just in case! If you find that you still do not have the confirmation email please email our team at and we will get a new confirmation email sent over to you.

  • Should I go for the full-day Medical School Interview Course or the half-day MMI Circuit Course?

    The interview course is usually the first step in the preparation. The course is a very small group (9 to 12 students and 3 to 4 facilitators) and it lasts a full day. In London, the interview courses are held every Saturday. In terms of what we do during the day is really coach you on how to approach all different types of questions and MMI stations. It’s not lecture based. It’s more like a full day practice where you are taught techniques, strategies, how to structure your answers etc. Therefore, it really gives you a real interview experience. In the interview course, you will be coached in how to really get better at each type of station. I highly recommend this first to improve your interviewing skills. You’ll get a smaller MMI circuit included in the full day. The full course also comes with pre-course material that you get access to, including all the info you need to know on NHS,  medical ethics etc. and multiple 10-minute videos teaching on the content. The course itself is more like a small group practice with a lot of feedback throughout. The MMI circuit is probably best after you have done the course first if you need further practice or if you want to do more stations from a specific school.

  • Are these courses for veterinary students?

    We have had many veterinary students come over the years. For the Mock MMI circuit, it can be fully tailored to veterinary students so all the 10 questions you will practice will be from veterinary MMIs. For the interview course day, it is not designed for veterinary students but many have come and found it very helpful. From 8:45 am to 6 pm, there is around 1 hour which you may not find that relevant to you (duties of a doctor and NHS - although they can easily be applied to veterinary medicine, the example we will use in class are for human medicine). With that said, even if the full day course, we provide a lot of tailoring, so for a veterinary applicant, every time you practice a question we will make sure that it is veterinary focused. Your MMI circuit included in the full day will also be all veterinary focused and finally, most of the course is directly applicable (most common questions, role plays, data interpretation, calculations, ethics). If you are unsure which course is best for you email us at

  • Are these courses for dental students?

    Yes, our interview courses and MMI circuits are for both medical and dental students.

  • Where are the courses held?

    This year, we will be expanding to hold courses in four great cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and London. View our locations, transportation and accommodations here. 

  • Can I get practice questions from more than one medical school during my mock MMI circuit?

    Most of the mock MMI will be stations which are relevant to all medical schools in the UK, allowing you to practice for multiple universities. With regard to university-specific questions, on the course day, we only have time to ask questions from one university choice. If you’d like to try more personalised questions from your chosen school, or different universities, consider signing up for one of our MMI circuit half days. Here you can choose to have an MMI round all tailored to one university or you could have a question each from 10 different universities!

  • I can’t get to your course venue. Can I attend via video call?

    Due to the nature of the course, you are not able to video-in. One of the best things about our course is that the whole day is interactive, involving moving around and group work. We’re hoping to expand the locations in which we provide courses, and will shortly be launching an online interview course. In the meantime, a good alternative is our one-to-one interview coaching which we do offer via Skype. We are also able to teach through the same sessions as provided in the medical school interview preparation course. Also, remember to check our FREE blogs for interview advice you can read from anywhere!  

  • Why do I need to send you my personal statement before the course?

    Sending us your personal statement before the course is really important. It allows us to tailor your medical school interview practice specifically to you. Your course facilitators will read your personal statement before the day to get to know a little about you before you arrive. If you get stuck, they may be able to remind you of things that you have done that you can use as an example of teamwork, communication skills or empathy, for example. We also use your personal statement to create individualised questions in your MMI round. Anything you have included on your personal statement you need to be prepared to talk about on interview day, so make sure you re-read them! If you need help with your personal statement, take a look at our Personal Statement Tutoring and Review services.

  • Can I change which university I want to focus on between signing up and the course date?

    Of course! We understand that things change and you may not have all of your medical school interview offers at the time of signing up. As long as you give us at least a couple of days notice, we can make sure that we have practice materials prepared for your chosen university. Just send them an email to If you need to make a change with less than 48 hrs notice, please give us a call as well.

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