How to be interview ready

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“Absolutely brilliant, we would highly recommend. Even with my son doing lots of prior interview research and reading he was amazed at the detail and hands on challenges.”

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"I cannot explain how thankful I am for all the honest help and suggestions I got for my interview performance. These guys were absolutely amazing and would defos recommend them over anyone else! I had tried MedicMind the year before but felt that MSAG made the real difference. Thanks again!"
~Dhruvi M.

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"This MMI circuit interview was very helpful, there was weaknesses that I had that I would of never known about if it wasn't for this mock. The tutors were very collaborative and the settings felt very real and is honestly the best thing you could buy to practice for an interview. Every tutor gives detailed analysis of every question I did and definitely will go a long way in preparation Thank you all."

Interview Packages

Choose a package to Bundle & Save on your interview preparation.

What should I buy?

Written by Dibah Jiva, founder of theMSAG

The Lion Package offers a 25% discount to clients on a complete interview preparation.This is my recommendation of the best interview prep. It includes:

1. The Live Interview Course- our most sold service company wide with over a decade of outsanding reviews, where you are taught how to structure and deliver your answers. You get a good feel for your strengths and weaknesses via direct practice and feedback, ultimately making you equipped to focus your ongoing preparation efficiently.

2. 12 months access to our award winning online Self-Study Course, created by medical school interviewers, that you should use to prepare your own answers with your personal experiences as examples. Also use it to catch up on any knowledge or topic you feel unsure about. We will continue to add new content mid-november 2023 onwards, that will be automatically included.

3. Access to the Virtual MedSoc, a way of preparing for interviews that changes everything and not available outside of theMSAG. It gives you access to the most senior interview prep team there is for practice and feedback, without paying 1-1 tutoring prices. A team of the 6 best interview coaches I worked with in the last 5 years, all past interviewers at medical schools and myself offer bi-weekly practices sessions, that you can join as often or rarely as you whish, untill the first of April.

4. Four hours of private interview tutoring to focus on any areas you are finding more challenging are included - these may be things you have identified as difficult from your self-study time, MedSoc sessions or in the Interview Course.

5. Testing yourself with 2 mocks will allow you to know how you will perform in a realistic environment and as we do with everything we offer at theMSAG, the mock each student receives is entirely bespoke. I recommend that you book your mocks once invited to interview and we will tailor your mock to your chosen medical school in the right style, and with past questions.

For someone who is a good communicator, the Lion package is comprehensive and should be enough for the whole season. For someone who finds they are struggling more on specific question types, they may need to complement this with a few more tutoring hours, using our interview tutoring packages.

Written by Dibah Jiva, founder of theMSAG

The Cheetah Package was designed to give access to:

1. All the resources you would need to prepare your answers with the award winning self-study course.

2. Unparralelled support via the MedSoc with practice and feedback weekly throughout the full interview season, from the most senior interview coaching team.

3. One mock interview, tailored to your medical school and your weeknesses or preferences is also included. 

Compared to the Lion Package, it does not have the Live Interview Course where someone is showing you in a very small group how to deliver and structure your answers, with individual feedback. It also does not include the 4 hours of private interview tutoring, which helps make this package cheaper. If you think you will not need private tutoring, then the Cheetah Package is cost effective, as it has a 17% discount applied to get the self-study resources, the MedSoc access, and a mock.I recommend adding the Live Interview Course to the Cheetah package if your school does not offer a course already, as I see a much greater improvement in skill from applicants who have attended the live course vs those who have not.

Price Summary
Lion Package = £1000 (25% discount included)
Cheetah Package = £600 (17% discount included)
Cheetah Package + the Live Interview Course = £775

Written by Dibah Jiva, founder of theMSAG

I highly recommend the Live Interview Course as the "one" thing you do if you are choosing one interview preparation activity.

You are coached by a range of interviewers, cover most question types, do some practice yourself, and get feedback. It is 8 hours where you will improve your skills a lot and is much cheaper than 1-1 tutoring. Many applicants have the reflex of buying just a mock if they go for one thing. The mocks are very helpful, especially because we adapt the questions to the universities using past questions from last year, so it makes your final practice very relevant.

But a mock is still a test, and so if you are not "good" yet in answering some question types, you will get the feedback that you are not, and hear why with some advice, but you will not actually get better at it. On the other hand, the Live Interview Course helps improve your skills, so you will be a better interviewee at the end of the class than before you started. 

We also offer a bundle of two MMIs for £200 (instead of £120 each). So if you are looking to plan your interview prep in the most budget friendly way, I would recommend:

1. If you can or prefer to only do one thing - do the Live Interview Course (£175)
2. If you can or want to only do two things - do the Live Interview Course + Online Self-Study Course (£275) 
3. If you can or want to do a little more, including practising with past questions that medical schools used last year, but do not want to join the medsoc - do the Live Interview Course + Self-Study interview Course + Mock Interview Bundle (x 2 mocks) (£475)