5-day residential: Medical and Clinical Science Courses

Medical and Clinical Science Courses overview

University applications can be a stressful experience for both students and parents. There are entry requirements to consider, a wide range of career prospects and direction… it’s important to make an informed decision. Here at theMSAG, when it comes to science-related degrees admissions across the UK, we’re leaders. We know how crucial it is to get the right experiences in the right environment.

Over your 5-day residential stay with theMSAG team at the Oratory school in Reading, you’ll have all your science and health school doubts put to rest. From biology to anatomy and physiology, get involved in university-level science experiments. Discover the practical applications of synthesising DNA and learn about the physiology of a set of unhealthy lungs. Experience what it’s really like to diagnose, investigate and treat the human body.

These clinical and medical experiences will put you in a great position to decide on what course or school to attend for higher education. Plus you’ll benefit from unlimited mentorship from Dr Dibah Jiva, an expert in healthcare-related university admissions. You’ll receive lots of help with writing your personal statement and learn how to ace a university interview. 

We’re looking for imaginative students with a passion for learning to join us on this journey of discovering more about Clinical and Medical Sciences.

What we offer at Medical School Summer School


  • A 5-day conveniently located course
  • Beautiful location with top-of-the-line facilities
  • Small class sizes (max 12 students)
  • Social activities daily - Form strong friendships
  • Great headstart on your medical application
  • Academics

  • Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dissection and Junior Doctor Clinics
  • Teaching & experiments up to an A-level and university level
  • Participate in a science-based team research project 
  • Introduction to physiology, anatomy, genetics, neurosciences
  • Unique

    • Daily mentoring with Dr Jiva, UK’s admissions expert 
    • Help with personal statement and interview preparation
    • All sessions taught by real, experienced doctors 
    • Students and staff from a multicultural background 
    • Most comprehensive course available

     Who is this course designed for?

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to gain practical experiences of what the sciences, particularly biology, entails. We’ve designed the course for students 16 years and older who are looking for an authentic and practical health care experience - no matter where in the world you’re from. 
    Exposure to a variety of clinical and science-related topics will help you find your passion. This will help you understand a wide variety of healthcare-related professions, and help you decide what your choice at uni should be. It’s the best summer course to help high school secondary school and undergraduate students prepare!

    Exposure to a variety of specialities will help you find your passion. This will help you understand a wide variety of professions within medicine, and help you decide if medicine is the right choice for you. We’ve worked hard to create one of the best summer medical programs for secondary school, undergraduate and graduate students!

    Medical and Clinical Sciences Programme

    Our Clinical and Medical Sciences Programme provides both practical experience and the skills you need to help prepare for the admissions process. You’ll also get full access to our Online Interview Course and a free copy of our “Get into Medical School” Guidebook, used by career advisers throughout the UK.

    You’ll have the opportunity to learn beyond the GCSE and A-level curriculum on your favourite science subjects. Find out how that knowledge can be applied in the real world. You’ll also be able to work one-on-one with Dr Dibah Jiva, a leading expert in the UK for Healthcare Related subject admissions. She will help you prepare your personal statement and ace your interviews. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of studying a science-related degree and life at university. 

    Clinical skills

    Focus on skills unique to certain specialities:

    Cardiology: You’ll learn from an actual cardiologist about what it’s like to perform clinical examinations, examine pulses, blood pressure and get to record and interpret an ECG.

    Ophthalmology: An experienced Ophthalmologist will guide you through a cataract operation simulation, examinations of the back of the eye and performing reconstructive surgery.

    Surgery: Our anatomy teachers will show you to how to perform dissections and develop the tactility of a surgeon. Whether it’s uncovering the anatomy of sheep hearts or suturing pig eyelids - you’ll get hands-on with the tools that surgeons and healthcare professionals use daily.

    Junior Doctor: Qualified and experienced Doctors and medical experts will show you how to take a patient’s history and examine the Neurological, Gastroenterological Respiratory & Vascular systems… plus cannulation, phlebotomy, Doppler Ultrasound and more! 

    We place a heavy emphasis on hands-on clinical skills. This experience not only gets you prepared for med school, but also looks great on your CV. Gain an advantage and secure your place!

    University preparation

    Clinical Sciences Tutorials: Join us on the frontier of combating diseases as we take you through the latest thinking in genetics, cancer biology and infectious disease. Come out of your tutorials with a newfound appreciation for the wider context of the sciences and broaden your horizons of the role of a scientist in healthcare.

    Team Research Project: A common requirement for universities is to give clear examples of teamwork, research and going beyond the curriculum. That’s where the team research project comes in! Work with your peers to research a diverse range of science-related topics throughout the week. Then, present to the other groups… perfect for your CV or med school application.

    Mentoring: Dr Dibah Jiva is a leading expert in the UK for Healthcare related subject admissions. You’ll have a chance to work one-to-one with her every day. Together, you will create a clear and structured plan to apply to universities with the best chances of success. Increase your odds! 


    For information on the accommodation, facilities, security and activities on theMSAG summer courses, please visit our summer programmes locations and accommodation page. If you have any further questions on accommodation or course details email us at



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