2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School
2 weeks Medicine Summer School

2 weeks Medicine Summer School

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Medicine Summer School 

theMSAG two-week residential summer school is the perfect choice for any student looking to become one of tomorrow’s doctors.Whether it is to explore which career path you want to take in the healthcare sciences, discover the breadth of medical and surgical specialties available or to get a head start in your application, we have the programme that suits you. Previous participants describe the 2-weeks residential programme as a life changing experience. Join us to spend a summer like no other before! 

TheMSAG team will take you on excursions to the BodyWorlds exhibit in London to learn more about human anatomy and Oxford medical school to feel what it’s like to be a real medical student. 

Finally, you’ll make friends who share similar interests and career objectives, boost your confidence, and gain valuable and incredibly unique hands-on experience. 

You have 4 programmes to choose from:

  • 2-weeks Medicine, Surgery & healthcare Discovery School 13-15 yrs old
  • 2-weeks Medicine, Surgery & healthcare Discovery School 16-19 yrs old
  • 2-weeks Medicine Preparation Summer School for 16-19 years old
  • 2-weeks Medicine Preparation Summer School for Graduate applicants

Medicine, Surgery & Healthcare Discovery School 

13-15 years old or 16-19 years old

Spend two weeks full of hands-on practical clinical experiences to generate excitement about the science and the human body. Meet patients, discover medical, surgical and healthcare specialties. On each discovery day you will learn the relevant anatomy, physiology and clinical skills. We use modern teaching methods, small groups, dissections, patients etc. for a unique experience. Spend a day immersed in the life of an Ophthalmologist, Obstetrician, Junior doctor, Cardiologist, Neuro-scientist, Respiratory specialist, etc. Highlights includes surgical skills on real animals, each clinical sessions taught by qualified doctors and a lot more! This is a great experience if you know medicine is for you or if you are trying to figure out which career path to follow.

Medicine Preparation Summer School

16-19 years old or Graduate Applicants

The medicine preparation summer school includes half of the clinical activities of the Medicine, Surgery & Healthcare Discovery School. You will be able to pick the ones where you have the greatest clinical interest in. With the other half of your time, you’ll also receive the most comprehensive preparation for Medical School that theMSAG has to offer. This includes admissions counselling, one-to-one personal statement prep, one-to-one consulting and strategy with Dr Dibah Jiva, complete UCAT and BMAT courses and interview experience. It's the best of both worlds: the clinical hands-on experiences will help build your application strength and nurture your passion for the biological sciences while the admissions preparation part makes sure you are ahead of the crowd with your application. 

What we offer 


  • A 2 week residential course 25 mins from London
  • Fantastic location and facilities for the best environment
  • Small class sizes (max 12 students)
  • Cooking challenges, Escape room, Bowling, Laser Tag, Treasure Hunts, and more. (unique activities daily to build long-lasting friendships)
  • A multicultural environment 


  • Cardiology, Ophthalmology & Junior Doctor Clinics
  • Neuroscience, Neurology, Obstetrics & Respiratory Medicine
  • Participate in a team research project (Optional*)
  • Full UCAT Course (Optional*)
  • Full BMAT Course (Optional*)
  • Personal Statement Course (Optional*)
  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Session

    *Optional sessions are usually taken by all participants of the Medicine Preparation Summer School. When an optional session is not chosen, it is replaced by further clinical activities discovering more sciences and medical specialties. 


  • Experience the city of London and Oxford
  • Be inspired at the Body Worlds Exhibit
  • Visit the University of Oxford and its medical schools
  • Safe, giant campus with finger print scanning security and on site security at all times
  • Full unlimited access for all participants to a full gym, spin room, rowing room, swimming pool and fully equipped sports center throughout the entire programme (Tennis, Squash, Basketball, Netball, Table tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.)
  • Mentoring available daily with Dr Jiva, the UK’s leading expert in medical school admissions
  • All sessions taught by qualified doctors
  • Who is this Medicine Summer School for?

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to gain real-world experience of what a career in medicine entails and whether it is the right choice for them. We’ve designed the course with variations for different age groups. The clinical activities and all academics activities are ran in groups of 12 max to allow for tailoring and individual attention. 

    Students from the age of 13 onward can take part in our 2-weeks summer school. We have separate programmes from students aged 13 to 15 years old, students aged 16 to 19 years old and for graduate applicants (having already completed an undergraduate degree or being professionals).

    The programme is designed for someone who is looking for an authentic, practical Health care experience or for someone who want to get ahead in their application. It requires a genuine interest in general medicine and surgery and the Biological sciences in general. Our courses welcome international students as well and we usually have about 30% UK students and 70% internationals!

    Exposure to a variety of specialties will help you find your passion. This will help you understand a wide variety of professions within medicine, and help you decide if medicine is the right choice for you. We’ve worked hard to create one of the best summer medical programs for secondary school, undergraduate and graduate students!

    Medicine Summer School Programme

    Our Medicine Summer School provides both practical experience and the skills you need to help prepare for the admissions process. If you are not in the process of applying right away, you can choose the option fully focused on biological sciences and clinical skills. Otherwise, the Medicine preparation summer school will have the perfect mix of both. Students who register for our Summer School also get full access to our Online Interview Course and a free copy of our “Get into Medical School”Guidebook, used by career advisers throughout the UK. 

    You’ll be able to develop a final draft of your personal statement alongside members of Medical School Admissions Panels. You’ll experience an in-depth UCAT course, including detailed training and mock exams, as well as BMAT preparation taught by Cambridge Tutors. You’ll also have an experience that is completely unique to theMSAG. You’ll be able to work one-on-one with Dr Dibah Jiva, a leading expert in the UK for Medical School Admissions.

    By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how medical school applications are scored and reviewed. Together, you will create a step-by-step plan to apply where you have the best chances of success

    Clinical skills

    Focus on skills unique to certain specialties:

    Cardiology: You’ll learn what it’s like to perform a cardiac clinical examination, examine pulses, blood pressure, record and interpret an ECG with an actual Cardiologist.

    Ophthalmology: You’ll simulate the steps of a cataract operation, see through the eyes of patients with eye conditions, examine the back of the eye and perform reconstructive surgery with an experienced Ophthalmologist.

    Junior Doctor: You’ll learn how to take a patient’s history and examine the Neurological, Gastroenterological Respiratory & Vascular systems with a Junior Doctor. Cannulation, phlebotomy, Doppler Ultrasound and more: all taught by qualified and experienced Doctors and medical experts.

    Other specialty days include Neuroscience, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Respiratory Medicine, Diabetes, Pathology, etc

    You’ll develop your clinical skills, show a genuine interest for medicine on your application and meet mentors that will help you to secure your place.

    Admissions preparation 

    Included in the Medicine Preparation Summer School

    UCAT/BMAT: Unlike other providers that give you an introduction to these tests, during our 2-week summer school  we provide a full course for each exam. We have 8 separate sessions to get you not only comfortable with the tests but also provide you with opportunities for tutoring and coaching to improve your own strategies and scores.

    Personal Statements: We have reviewed over 1000 personal statements over the last few years and helped thousands of students get through their interviews. During our summer school, you will have 3 dedicated sessions to draft your personal statement with effective brainstorming and a good appreciation of the school’s marking schemes. You’ll also be able to develop a final draft of your Personal Statement with one-to-one mentoring.

    Medicine Interviews: You also get the chance to practice the MMI - the Multiple Mini Interview format - a keystone of the admissions process. Learn how to formulate answers to questions about ethics, situational judgement, duties of a doctor, NHS, role play and more, and get a video copy of your feedback. 

    NHS, UK Healthcare and Hot Topics in Medicine: You’ll also have multiple opportunities to sit down and discuss, debate or interact with your peers and professionals about many topics discussed in Medical School interviews. Some topics include Medical ethics, NHS structure, Current affairs/ issues, big medical organisations or foundations, landmark discoveries, important figures and Medical advancements. 


    Students will also experience something unique to theMSAG… they’ll be able to work one-on-one with Dr Dibah Jiva, a leading expert in the UK for Medical School Admissions. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how medical school applications are scored and reviewed. 

    Together, Dr Jiva and each student will create a step-by-step plan to apply to specific schools where the student will have the best chances of success. A truly unique experience!

    Team research project

    Many medical school applications require that you show evidence of teamwork and research skills. We’re giving you the perfect opportunity to showcase those skills on your CV or application by participating in a Team Research Project. This is a collaboration between you and your peers over the course, covering a range of important topics.

    Social & cultural experiences everyday

    We believe work and play is important! Every day students will have the opportunity to do fun activities around the area, London and Oxford. Our social programme is the best in any summer school in the UK as we know that if we make you comfortable and you are having fun, the learning experience will naturally follow.

    *Body Worlds London: This is a wonderful opportunity to see the world famous BODY WORLDS exhibit. "Journey through the human body and discover the magic and mysteries that lie underneath the skin." This is a chance to study human anatomy in a truly unique way. 

    Sports: Students will have the opportunity to let out some energy after a day of learning, by engaging in a variety of different sports. Some of the activities that will be available are basketball, badminton, tennis, bowling and swimming! The sports facilities are outstanding and available to each participant to use in their own time throughout the residential camp on top of organised activities.

    Fun activities: Students will have the opportunity to engage in some cultural activities such as cooking, calligraphy/ brush lettering, photography classes. We will host cooking challenges, and theMSAG Olympics where you can show off your talents! To release some of your energy we also take you to an escape room, bowling, laser tag and more fun surprises (All activities and excursions are included in the price and there is NO extra cost for them)

    *Adventure awaits! Students will get to go experience the beautiful city of London and they will also have the chance to visit Oxford. They will a get sneak peek into medical school by visiting Oxford School of Medicine.


    For information on the accommodation, facilities and security  please visit our summer programmes locations and accommodation page. If you have any further questions on accommodation or course details email us at hello@theMSAG.com.



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