BMAT Tutoring

Extremely high-quality standards:

All tutors attend top BMAT medical schools - Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London
All tutors are personally selected by Dr Dibah Jiva
 All of our tutors go through the same training for consistency

BMAT Tutoring overview


Like the UCAT, there are a wealth of resources for applicants preparing to sit the BMAT. Whether you decide to attend a focused course, get personalised tuition or prepare from a book or question bank, what’s important is that you DO prepare. Whilst you may be an excellent student, the BMAT may be worth as much as your GCSE grades in the admissions process. A couple of points may be the difference between an automatic rejection and an offer of an interview; it really is worth putting in the hours! 

We offer tailored tutoring designed by our tutors to address your areas of weakness. Your tutor will encourage you to put into practice the techniques and strategies that they offer for each of the three sections of the BMAT test. When solving practice questions, your tutor will ensure that you do these under timed conditions.


What is included?

  • One-to-one session with experienced BMAT tutors
  • Our sessions can be delivered online via video chat or in-person*
  • Comprehensive tailored tutoring covering each section of the exam 
  • Individual reports shared with you at the end of each session 
  • Improve your speed and technique with detailed feedback throughout each BMAT tutoring session
  • Learn from a team with proven results

*In-person tutoring sessions are dependent on your location and the location of our nearest tutors, therefore, cannot be guaranteed.


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