UCAT Tutoring | University Clinical Aptitude Test 1-1 help

Our most personalized option for UCAT prep

• 1-1 sessions with a top 10% tutor

• We match you with tutors that have high scores in the sections you want to improve

• Proven results to boost your average UCAT (UKCAT) scores

• Continued monitoring of progress through detailed progress reports and quantitative data of your performance in our realistic mock UCAT practice tests

Though the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is now commonly used by medical and dental schools or universities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, it can still be difficult to prepare for.  You may require more focused help than a UCAT course can provide.  Whether it’s the tricky Situational Judgement subtests, Quantitative reasoning, Abstract Reasoning or any other subtest, our tutors are equipped to help if you are intending to apply to medicine or dentistry.

Every tutor and teacher for theMSAG has been in your shoes.  We have all been students who have passed through interviews to get into competitive courses in dental or medical school and have excelled academically. 

Throughout our training we are both taught and examined on our communication skills through specialist practical examinations (OSCEs) only seen in healthcare degrees.

Communication and teaching are intrinsic parts of any doctor or dentist’s job - we are best placed to transfer these skills to tutoring students, helping you boost your average UCAT score.

Tailored Experience

We have done 900 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring as a team for medical students and perfected how to approach each student differently.  We understand the benefits of 1-1, and run our sessions so that they are tailored completely to you. You have complete control of the areas you’d like to work on for the test with specific UCAT question tutorials, alongside the benefit of detailed, individualised feedback.

You should get to know our tutors before wanting to book a 1-on-1 session with them. At the MSAG we believe in transparency and your right to know who will be teaching you. All of our tutors have experience sitting the UCAT themselves, and gone on to study medicine or dentistry, and achieved UCAT results in the top 10%.

However, our ethos is not just to provide tutors who have excelled academically. Having good marks does not equate to being a good teacher.  We make sure that our tutors have the potential to be excellent teachers through our strict vetting process. 

All of our tutors are required to teach the founder, Dr Dibah Jiva, before coming onboard. Additionally, we provide continuous training and feedback to our tutors throughout the year, so that they themselves are continually learning.

All of tutors have an enhanced DBS check as part of the requirements of their medical or dental courses.

Parents: watching progression

Your parents don't just want you to be a doctor, they want to watch you grow.  Doing your UCAT (UKCAT) tutoring with theMSAG means that our tutors, yourself and parents can monitor progress, so that we can all be best placed to help with your continued learning and help you get the scores required. 

We recognise that each individual’s training needs will change with time, and with detailed monitoring we are able to adapt to these changes so that you can reach your full potential.

We monitor progress via progress reports after each tutoring session, in combination with your practice scores from our online UCAT platform. Both students, your parents and your MSAG tutor can access these. The progress reports are detailed reports written by the tutor where we will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and recommended strategies.


Widening access is one of our central focuses . We believe that financial means shouldn’t be a barrier to studying medicine. That’s we’ve kept our prices as low as possible on all our products, like the UCAT Question Bank, but we also offer other financial assistance.

Think you qualify for extra financial aid? Contact us to see if you are eligible to access our courses or products completely free.

UCAT OFFICIAL BURSARY - You can read more about your eligibility for the official UCAT consortium bursary scheme here.