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Free UCAT practice

Get ready for test day! Our UCAT question bank is the most affordable to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test. As a comparison:

  • The MedEntry UCAT question bank is 168% more expensive for access until Mid-August
  • The Medify UCAT question bank is 150% more expensive for access until mid-October

We made no compromise on quality either. We offer helpful learning features you will not find elsewhere. Try before you buy with our free, instant and unlimited access to:

  • 40 Verbal reasoning questions
  • 15 Decision making questions
  • 40 Quantitative reasoning questions
  • 55 Abstract reasoning questions
  • 50 Situational Judgement questions
  • A UCAT practice test with an additional 45 UCAT questions
  • 7 hours of interactive UCAT video teaching on demand


We spent one full year solely on research to ensure the UCAT questions we offer are of the right variety and difficulty level. Question writers are selected only amongst students who scored in the top 10% of UCAT scores for the section they write.

So a quantitative reasoning question writer has a top quantitative reasoning score. An abstract reasoning question writer has a top abstract reasoning score, etc.

Each question is reviewed to check its match against our research by at least two senior tutors. We also monitor the average time taken to answer our questions and the percentage correctness across all users. If any outliers fall through the checks, they are identified by data very early on.

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UCAT tutorial

Alongside the free 245 questions that we provide, our free access also gives you access to our UCAT self-study course which includes over 7 hours of tutorial for each part of the UCAT, split by different question types.

Boost your UCAT preparation by watching instructors walk you through practice questions step by step. 

Ace the UCAT 2021 and get into medical school


Our sample practice test is not a full exam length but a short diagnostic test to get you started. We offer the option to take it with various timing options:

• Untimed

Take the UCAT practice test exactly the way you want to.

Note: you can only take the UCAT practice test once per account - if you want to try it a second time, you can contact us, and we can arrange a reset for you. Please do not create a second account, as that will skew the data.

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Getting started is super simple. After you add this item to your cart and complete your checkout, you will receive an email within 15 minutes containing a link to complete your registration.  Then just head over to and start practicing UCAT questions.