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A mock so good, it’s like the real thing.

theMSAG is proud to offer another free resource to get you ready for your medical school admissions… a UCAT practice test! The UCAT is a mandatory requirement for many different selection processes, so it’s time to see if you can hold your own.

Our mock gives you the chance to go through some UCAT practise questions covering every section of the UCAT, while getting an authentic test centre experience. You’ll have the same timings, the same warnings, use the same calculator and get the same question types. This collection of UCAT sample questions are a perfect example of what it will feel like to take the University Clinical Aptitude Test when you’re ready.


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Our UCAT Mock Exam includes:

Questions & Lessons

Learn while you practice


Although the official UCAT consortium mock test is designed to help you practice and learn the basics, theMSAG mock UCAT takes learning to another level. Built using our brand new UCAT software, every question comes with a detailed explanation and a link to the relevant lesson.

Find out where you stand

The dashboard on our UCAT software will show you some important information when you complete the exam - like your score in comparison to other MSAG users, as well as a breakdown of your areas of improvement - by section, question type and timing.

This is not a full-length 2020 UCAT exam or a replacement for comprehensive test preparation. This is a great way to get an initial practice to get a feel for the questions, the timing, the topics, the difficulty and the actual platform. If you find yourself struggling with the content or the timing, you can check out our Live online UCAT Courses, our UCAT Self-study Course or our UCAT Question Bank - all accessible from the comfort and safety of your home.

Every official exam format available

UCAT, UCATSEN, UCATSENSA or just untimed practice - take the exam exactly the way you want to.  Note: you can only take the exam once per account - if you want to try the mock exam a second time, you can contact us and we can arrange a reset for you.  Please do not create a second account, as that will skew the data.

How to get started

Getting started is super simple. After you add this item to your cart and complete your checkout, you will receive an email within 5 minutes containing a link to complete your registration.  Then just head over to to do your mock test and get ready to improve your UCAT scores!