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Online UKCAT Course Overview

Here at theMSAG, we do things differently. You won’t find basic information in lengthy monotonous PowerPoint slides... instead, our interactive videos - delivered by actual doctors and medical students - ensure you have a fun and enjoyable learning experience. TheMSAG Online UKCAT Course offers a series of over 40 videos covering 4 hours of the best hints and tips for improving your UKCAT scores.

Our team has over three years of experience tutoring for the UKCAT exam. We’ve designed the questions in our videos to simulate the real UKCAT format, so that when test day arrives, you’re ready. Our videos will take you through each of the 5 sections of the UKCAT and provide you with plenty of advice on how to tackle each question type. Learn at your own pace and monitor your progress throughout.

Improve your UKCAT score with a series of over 40 interactive videos, packed full of hints and tips to help you prepare.

What is included in the Online UKCAT Course:

  • Over 4 hours of videos presented by doctors and med students
  • Developed by our experienced team
  • Learn at your own speed; track your progress
  • Covers all UKCAT sections and question types
  • Fully mobile – access the videos on any device
  • Course remains available for 15 months

UKCAT sections covered:

  • Verbal Reasoning:
    • 11 videos
    • Methods for number scanning within the VR text
    • The difference between soft and hard qualifiers
  • Decision Making:
    • 9 videos
    • How to break down answers and draw conclusions
    • Covers shape equations, logic puzzles, choosing an argument and Venn Diagram questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning:
    • 9 videos
    • Develop an efficient approach to percentages, speed, distance and time questions
    • Learn how to 'guesstimate' to maximise the number of points that you score
  • Abstract Reasoning:
    • 8 videos
    • Learn how to tackle the common and most challenging patterns that appear in this section
    • Gain confidence when approaching tricky questions
  • Situational Judgement:
    • 8 videos
    • Written using our clinical experience as doctors
    • Learn our checklist approach to answering SJT questions with confidence

Why choose theMSAG Online UKCAT Course

  • This is not a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over narration. These are high-quality videos with real doctors and real experts in medical school admissions
  • Professionally filmed for a more engaging and interactive learning experience
  • This course can be used in parallel with our UKCAT Question Bank to see improvement in your speed and scores
  • Mr. Phillip Linnell, our independent advisor, is a successful standardised test tutor with clients from across the world seeking out his advice


Ask a Question
  • Can I have a copy of the questions that are included in the videos?

    Copyright gets in the way again! We can’t give you an exact copy of the questions, but if you want more UKCAT practice questions... check out our Online Question bank! You’ll be able to assess your performance in a realistic, time-pressured manner - so you can measure improvements in your UKCAT decision making and results.

  • Can I save the videos on my hard drive?

    Unfortunately, because of copyright, you can’t save videos at this time: but, you are more than welcome to replay videos as many times as you need!

  • Can I access the videos from my phone?

    Absolutely! You can access our videos via your mobile web browser or the Thinkific app.

  • How do I access the Online UKCAT course?

    Once you have completed payment via our website, you will receive login details and a link to our online video platform. From here, you’ll see the dashboard with all the sections that you can complete in your own time.

  • My video won’t play!

    Technical issues happen to the best of us: head over to our technical helpdesk/tutorial and we’ll get you back online.

  • What if I don’t understand part of a video?

    No problem! Just pop your UKCAT course questions into the comment box underneath the videos and a dedicated MSAG team member will get back to you with an answer ASAP.

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