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Ten MMI stations personalised to you


Observe another student answer ten additional stations


Marked against your chosen unis marking schemes


Verbal feedback on structure and content

In our MMI Interview Course, we provide you with a realistic mock circuit of 20 questions, with 10 practice stations and 10 observation stations. We keep you ahead of the game because most of the information we know about medical school interviews format, style and questions isn't on their websites.

The Most Realistic MMI

Other companies usually pair you up and rotate who answers questions at each station. Once you finish answering, they give you feedback immediately. Although it is easier logistically, an MMI circuit that gives feedback right away isn't as realistic as an interview. With our MMI Circuit, you'll do 10 stations in a row, with no feedback in between. You'll learn how to build stamina for a real interview. You'll get feedback from the interviewers after you have completed the entire MMI. You must also dress like you would in a real interview to get a realistic experience.

Ultimate question tailoring

Our mock exams use real questions from medical schools and dental schools, and we also let you "mould" your mocks, so you can practice the stations that you struggle with the most. For your BMAT essay or personal statement, we can also prepare tailored stations that have specific types of questions.

3 Way Feedback

Immediately after your mock MMI, you'll receive feedback on your performance from the MMI interviewers. Your approach, confidence, fluency, structure, non-verbal communication, and content will all be discussed. You will receive written marking schemes within 24 hours of your MMI. They include critical content and structure, plus notes the interviewer wrote about your performance. After an MMI circuit, one of our central team members speaks with the tutors about each applicant, checks all feedback forms (marking schemes), and sends you an email the following week with advice.

Getting to know our students and providing personal service is what we're about. You can email us for additional support until you get the offers you want if you have questions after your circuit.

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