It started in 2007.  Originally from France and having studied in Canada, Dibah was trying to get into UK medical schools and could not find helpful resources. After a lot of research, she wrote a book to help people get into medical school. 

While helping families who contacted her after reading her book, she realised that critical help was missing for personal statement, interview preparation and exam preparation.  That would be the foundation for theMSAG, but why focus on accessibility?

“My dad grew up in a village in Madagascar, where my family was one of the poorest. He did well at school and a friend's generosity got him a ticket to Europe. He immigrated with our family so I could grow up in better conditions. My parents always made sure I knew where we came from, the value of education, hard work and giving back to society. That’s a big part of the reason I became a doctor: I wanted to help others. I also wanted to show that it’s possible that a business that puts people first can be successful.  After practising medicine and helping students for a few years, I felt that many doctors could help patients... but if I didn’t help some aspiring medical students, they had no good alternative. It felt like the right thing to do, so I did it full time.” - Dr Dibah Jiva

That’s why theMSAG exists, and that's why widening access is so important.


Contribution to Education/Society

Dibah has made a significant contribution to education/society through product innovation and accessibility. She provides our annually updated guidebook (medical schools’ selection criteria & how to assess a student’s chances) to all UK sixth forms, free. Our award-winning online interview course is free too, and we are proud to offer scholarships to all of our courses. Before our online interview course was launched, the options for medicine interview preparation courses in the UK were £100-£175. Alongside affordability, creating better learning solutions for students is our primary goal. Our UCAT online course and question bank, at £50 for the pair, is the most affordable on the market and has features not offered by any existing providers.

Restoring confidence to families

Dibah has personally helped hundreds of students with low grades, no financial accessibility or with no good alternatives get into medical school. This has been immensely rewarding and she considers it a paramount personal achievement.