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Accelerate your students to a bright future in medicine or dentistry. We work alongside schools to prepare students for the medical school application process. 

The world needs more heroes. Your guidance makes a difference. theMSAG can help.

What’s the first challenge of Medical School? Getting in! This is the driving force behind theMSAG. The more students we can help pursue a career in medicine, the better… and we pride ourselves on doing this exceptionally. Our 11 years of experience has resulted in a 98% student acceptance rate to a medical or dental school. In the past, we’ve spoken directly to students approaching the end of their schooling. Now, with your help, we’re hoping to make a difference even earlier.

Schools we have helped prepare for medical school

We have partnered with the following schools to help prepare students for medical school applications. 


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UKCAT/BMAT workshop

Any student planning to pursue medicine or dentistry in the UK has to take the UKCAT or the BMAT. Our experienced MSAG guides will deliver this full-day course for years 12 and 13, providing valuable detailed insights into each section of these standardised tests. Tips and strategies that help you get the edge!

Interview course

This full-day course is one of the most comprehensive and successful ways to prepare for a Medical School interview. Our strong 98% success rate comes from a detailed mock MMI style interview, panel interview practice, mix of knowledge and practice on ethical scenarios, current NHS issues, duties of a doctor questions and everything else that stays true to an authentic Medical School interview.

MMI circuit

Students are exposed to 20 stations (10 where they’re being interviewed; 10 where they’re watching their partner). Each station is personalised to their school of choice. Our interviewers have experience of sitting on interview panels across several universities in the UK. The students will go around the MMI circuit with a video camera to film their answers and the feedback they receive from the interviewers.


We were delighted to welcome Dr Mandavia to talk to our Year 13 students who are applying for medicine and dentistry.  He spoke with confidence and enthusiasm about personal statement writing, encouraging the students to think in a skill based framework. This led seamlessly to a discuss about how to approach intevriews, fleshing out their understanding of how to address that difficult questions of ‘Why medicine?’ and helping them to feel more confident in the structure of their responses. 

Zoe Makepeace-Welsh, Careers Lead, Haberdasher Aske's School for Girls, London

Many thanks on behalf of myself and our students to Dr Vyas and Dr Mandavia for the workshop.  It was, as last year, absolutely fantastic and we really appreciate you coming to Claremont to give our students an insight into the process and the best advice to help them make a competitive application.

I know the students from Years 10, 11, 12 and from our school and Canons and Kingsbury really enjoyed it and found it very valuable.

George Burns, Head of Careers, Claremont School, London

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