What is the Hub?

theMSAG Hub, found at app.themsag.com, is our cutting-edge online education platform. We worked with two AI developers to create the resource we wish WE had when applying for medical and dental school! That means tracking stats that matter to help improve performance, customisable practise sessions and integrated learning with multiple teaching methods. You can see some great examples of this in our subjects below.

Free Access

It’s also important to us to widen access to medicine, which means making our courses and services as inclusive as possible. That's why we have ensured that there are freely accessible questions for every subject on theMSAG Hub.  For example, our UCAT question bank has 200 free questions and a 45 question mock exam waiting for you right now, on the same cutting-edge platform our paid course is on!

We are also proud to offer full scholarships for all of our products and services, including access to theMSAG Hub.  If some students are finding finances a barrier, just send us an email to get the ball rolling on your financial aid application.

Our Educational Library


Free UCAT content

  • 200 questions
       • 40 Verbal reasoning
       • 15 Decision making
       • 40 Quantitative reasoning
       • 55 Abstract reasoning
       • 50 Situational Judgement
  • A UCAT practice test with an additional 45 UCAT questions
  • 7 hours of interactive UCAT video teaching on demand
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Full question bank & integrated learning

A 5000+ UCAT question bank with realistic difficulty, question types and format - with integrated learning to teach you the strategies, and informative dashboards so you can track your progress and improvement.

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Free Interview content

  • 8 Sections, 19 Lessons
       • Fundamentals - 2 Lessons
       • Motivation - 2 Lessons
       • Duties of a Doctor - 6 Lessons
       • Ethics - 2 Lessons
       • Roleplay - 2 Lessons
       • Hot Topics - 2 Lessons
       • The NHS - 1 Lesson
       • Special Stations - 2 Lessons
  • 18 Videos, Approximately 4.5 hours of viewing time
  • 8 Interview questions or scenarios with sample answers
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Award Winning Interview prep

We expanded our award-winning online interview course from 19 to 168 lessons spanning 8 sections, including Duties of a Doctor, Ethics and Hot Topics. Get up-to-date information about what schools are looking for in an interview!

Get access to 150+ interview questions with sample answers!


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Practise questions & integrated learning

A full question bank with detailed explanations on one of the key sciences - biology. Adapted to suit whatever exam board you’re studying for, including AQA A-Levels and International Baccalaureate SL or HL!

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Full question bank & integrated learning

Have you ever wanted to study medicine in Italy? If the answer is yes, then you’ll need to get ready to ace the entrance exam - the IMAT. Our question bank will help you practise every subject you need to be well versed and prepared for the test!

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