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Comprehensive Coverage

Every BMAT section reviewed

Qualified Teachers

Taught by top-scoring Cambridge tutors

Knowledge & Application

Go over the theory, notes & practice

Interactive course

Engaging sessions with polls and activities

Beyond the classroom

Continued support via email after the course

What’s included?

  • 12 hours of total teaching time - comprehensive coverage of all topics
    • 3 hours - Section 1 - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    • 3 hours - Biology & Chemistry
    • 3 hours - Physics
    • 3 hours - Maths & Section 3 - the essay
  • Taught by Cambridge tutors who scored in the top bracket of the country, carefully chosen for their good teaching skills
  • Theory, notes & practice integrated
  • Engaging sessions with polls and activities
  • Continued support via email after the course

What to expect

By the end of the class, you will feel very comfortable with the full section 1 and the essay section. For the sciences, you will have a good understanding of all the required topics.  We'll dive into how they are tested and how you should be preparing, so you can maximise your section 2 score.

It's not possible to teach every BMAT science section in-depth in a 12 hours course, so you should expect to still have a lot of learning to do on your own.  However, we cover the most difficult topics in detail.  All others are reviewed through practice and explanations. You will also learn strategies on how and when to guess, how to manage your time and how to best prepare.

Who this course is for

The course is for all students preparing for the BMAT exam. Some of you have not done math or physics for a while, but others may be pursuing these at a higher level of education. Our course is designed to adapt to the group’s strengths and weaknesses while ensuring comprehensive coverage of all topics and integrated practice. 

If you are worried that your background knowledge in some of the sciences is not strong enough for the course, feel free to message us directly at and we can review your individual situation with you. However, we do make sure to teach you the information you need at the course. We also have realistic practice questions so that all students can experience the expected level of difficulty at the BMAT.

If you are preparing for the IMAT, we will have an IMAT course available soon. If you plan to take both courses (BMAT live course & IMAT live course) or if you plan to take just one course but are also preparing for the other exam, get in touch with us before your class and we will make sure to provide you with additional material relevant for you. 

BMAT Course Content

Section 1 - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

  • Section 1 is very predictable and preparable
  • For problem-solving, we will review the 3 types of questions, learn methods on how to approach each type with many worked-out examples. You will be able to apply the new methods in practice sets
  • For critical-thinking, we will teach you a fast and systematic approach that allows you to get the question right nearly 100% of the time. Although there are 7 question types, they all test 1 skill so we will first focus on developing that skill. We will then learn an approach for each question and apply the newly learned skill as go. You will also have a practice drill to apply your knowledge.

Biology & Chemistry

  • We will do an introduction to section 2 and show you some key methods and tricks you can use to answer fast. We will also review the key areas of the specification and share with you the best methods in preparing.
  • For each, Biology and Chemistry, we will review the biggest topics, as well as the most difficult topics such as electrolysis that many students struggle with. Throughout, you will have practice questions where we will apply the strategies and the knowledge learned.
  • There are a lot of knowledge-based questions in the BMAT, so on top of reviewing the content, we also show you the different style of questions in which the knowledge can be tested. This allows you to be strategic in how you memorise the knowledge in your revisions.


  • Many students find physics the hardest, so we spend more time and a greater focus ensuring we teach all the required knowledge clearly.
  • Once we have clarified the knowledge, we will then move to a similar style as the Biology and Chemistry teaching with many practice questions to apply the knowledge and the methods learned.

Maths & Section 3 - the essay

  • The Maths section is covered in a similar way as the sciences. We ensure that you are taught the knowledge that you need and that you are comfortable with all aspects. We also integrate practice and explanation throughout so you have the most realistic expectations on how to apply what you know in the exam.
  • The essay section is similar to section 1 in that is it very preparable. We will go through how the essays are marked, the difference between a 3, a 4 or a 5 and how to plan an essay that will always score high, very fast.
  • We will then practice an essay plan and write up together to demonstrate the method in action.


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    04 Sep 2020
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    An essential 5 out of 5 course!

    It’s a 5 out of 5 from me for the BMAT course! Well structured, the content was thorough, engaging and provided an excellent insight into what to expect. It provided a comprehensive overview and provided a thorough understanding of the test structure. The techniques taught were explained with clarity and practice questions along side each technique helped consolidate the learning. The online format is engaging, clear and concise. Tutors were friendly and well versed in the subject matter and were open to questions and providing clarification. If you’re taking the BMAT test, the MSAG BMAT course is essential. Dibah and the team are providing a fantastic, great value course.

    09 Nov 2021
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    BMAT Course

    Very good! Physics especially useful

    05 Sep 2021
    Fahad M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    In-depth Course!

    The course covered all the sections of the BMAT. The tutors were really nice, and their explanations for difficult topics were very straightforward to understand. Additionally, after learning about a concept, there was an opportunity to have a go at past paper questions. The tutors would then go through all the answer options making sure that you have a clear understanding of why the answer is correct, and they also try to clarify any misconceptions that you may have. I recommend this course to everyone who is looking to grasp a good understanding of the BMAT! :)

    About our Tutors


    • Cambridge tutors - who scored in the top brackets of the country
    • Natural great teaching skills and a passion for sharing their knowledge
    • We back the quality of our tutors and are transparent about their background and their scores.


    • We have a rigorous selection process to hire tutors
    • A top BMAT score is a necessary requirement but not sufficient
    • Tutors also go through teaching simulation assessment, interviews about their passion and experience for teaching and testing on their ability to write questions and explanations for the exam preparation at the best level.


    • Once a tutor is selected, they go through roughly 20 hours of training before teaching
    • The training includes all the teaching material but also pedagogical training on how to engage a class, how to use technology to be effective and create an enjoyable learning experience.
    • Tutors are then tested on their knowledge and go through simulation teaching in a training session with management
    • Finally, when a tutor teachers for the first time, a leading member of the team joins the teaching session and provides a full assessment and support as needed.

    Quality control

    • All teaching sessions are recorded for quality assurance and further training provided if deemed necessary.
    • Feedback is collected by students after each session and actions are taken immediately is there is anything but perfect satisfaction
    We created theMSAG to provide a better learning experience, more personal, and at an affordable price so we take the quality of the pedagogy very seriously.