Common Debates in Medical Ethics Online Course

Common Debates in Medical Ethics

There is a lot of information to take into consideration when preparing for your medical and dental school interviews. Often, the interview includes questions regarding common medical ethical issues and debates. You will want to prepare for the debates, dilemmas and decisions that you will have to make as a medical professional. 

This course is designed to help you feel more confident in forming arguments in an ethical debate. Using the 4 pillars of medical ethics as our foundation we will discuss common debates in medical ethics. We will cover a variety of ethical issues and ethical scenarios to help you prepare. 

Our team have worked hard to create this e-learning resource as comprehensive as possible, covering ethical dilemmas and ethical principles. We’ve used all of our knowledge that we've developed in our physical courses.

What's included?

  • Professionally filmed for a better learning experience
  • Hours of interactive footage featuring high quality videos ~20 minutes long
  • Created by real doctors and interview experts with over 15 years of experience
  • Fully mobile and tablet responsive, so you can access the videos from anywhere
  • Set your own goals along the way

Medical school interview ethical questions and answers we cover

  • Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Would you transfuse a Jehovah's Witness: Introduction
    • Relevant points to consider in the case of a Jehovah's Witness
    • Fractions of blood: What do we mean?
    • Would you transfuse a Jehovah's Witness: Arguments in favour
    • Would you transfuse a Jehovah's Witness: Arguments against
    • Case study 1
    • Examiner top tips: Example answer & conclusion
  • End of life care
    • Liverpool Care Pathway
    • Maintaining hydration
    • Resuscitation
  • Euthanasia
    • Euthanasia: Definitions
    • Where is Euthanasia considered legal?
    • Case Study 1
    • Case Study 2
    • Case Study 3 & Conclusion
  • Fertility treatments
    • What exactly are fertility treatments?
    • NHS funding for fertility treatments for women over the age of 40: Arguments in favour
    • NHS funding for fertility treatments for women over the age of 40: Arguments against
    • Structuring the conclusion of your answer
    • Examiner top tips: Develop an interview answer
    • Further arguments against funding fertility treatment
    • Examiner top tips: Example answer & Conclusion
  • Genetics
    • The use of genetics: Arguments in favour
    • The use of genetics: Arguments against
    • The use of genetics in Modern Medicine
    • Designer babies
    • Genetic testing for Huntington's Disease
  • HIV
    • A patient with HIV continuing to have sexual intercourse: what do you do?
    • A patient with HIV continuing to have sexual intercourse: arguments for breaking confidentiality
    • A patient with HIV continuing to have sexual intercourse: arguments against breaking confidentiality
    • Examiner top tips: Example answer & conclusion
  • Organ donation
    • The history of Organ Donation
    • Opt-In & Opt-out: Definitions
    • Opt-out Donation system: Arguments in favour
    • Opt-out Donation system: Argument against
    • Prioritising transplant patients: Where is the justice?
    • Organ donation & poor lifestyle choices
    • Incentivising organ donation
  • Physician-assisted suicide
    • Legalising Physician-assisted suicide: Arguments in favour
    • Legalising Physician-assisted suicide: Arguments against
    • Examiner top tips
    • Example answers
  • Vaccinations
    • Should vaccinations be compulsory?
    • Why the controversy behind vaccines?
    • Arguments in favour
    • Arguments against
    • Conclusion
    • Examiner top tips and example answer

Who is this course designed for?

This course is for students looking to learn in depth what you need to know about medical ethics and how to approach the different types of ethical questions you might encounter in your medical schools interviews. You will learn more about the interview process and type of medical school interview you will be having (e.g. panel interview or MMI stations), prepare for  common questions that medical school applicants are asked, and you will learn how to formulate your own answers with supporting examples.

Our guarantee 

Essential content: We have separated the videos into important topics that we feel are fundamental to interview success. We begin by teaching you how to structure your answers. We go through the common types of interview questions that you may come across. Extra quizzes and info will also become available for you to put your knowledge into practice.

Interactive features: Being interactive is the key to our teaching success! So, you will find our team members asking you questions and asking you to pause the video. We may ask you to write something down. Or we may recommend that you look up some extra info to enhance your learning

Unlimited playbacks and mobile responsive: Each module offers unlimited replays with flexible playback features. This allows you to learn at your own pace and track your progress, to make it a more personalised learning experience.


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