Get Into Medical School for Undergraduates UK 2020-21

Get Into Medical School for Undergraduates UK 2020-21

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So you’ve decided to pursue a career in medicine… congratulations! This is an exciting, ground-breaking and rewarding field. However, when you’re just starting the application process, you might not have time to research every single school and programme.

We saved you the time and did the work for you. We’ve contacted every single medical school by email, telephone or personal visit. The UK Undergrad Guidebook includes reference tables for all UK universities or medical schools open to undergraduate applicants. There is a mini-chapter for each school (full list below). Mini-chapters cover rankings, academic and non-academic requirements, tuition fees, eligibility factors and details on the selection process.

Now in its 9th Edition, theMSAG Undergraduate Entry Medicine book has been a trusted reference for almost a decade. It is currently used nationwide for both applicants and career advisers. Tailored by Dr Dibah Jiva, this is THE most comprehensive guidebook in the UK. 

What's included?

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information 
  • Covers all UK medical schools (inc. the new ones)
  • Dedicated sections for home and international applicants
  • Over 30 collaborators from across the UK
  • How to decide if medicine is right for you
  • How to make a strong, stand-out application
  • Advice on building your extracurricular portfolio
  • How to write an excellent personal statement
  • How to ace your medicine interview


Ask a Question
  • I’m worried about the UKCAT and BMAT. What information does this book give on these tests?

    Having sat the UKCAT and BMAT ourselves, we know how intimidating it can be. That is why we give up-to-date information on the format and scoring of the exam, and give suggestions for further resources, including free resources, that are available to help you prepare.

  • I don’t know if medicine is right for me. How will this book help me make this decision?

    Not only do we present all the facts on medical school applications, we also present the real-life experiences of doctors and medical students from across the country to help you ensure this is the career for you.

  • How will this book help me get into medical school?

    We have years of experience supporting medical school applicants, and that means we’re able to present all the information needed to create a successful medical school application. From work experience and personal statements to interviews and standardised admissions tests, this book is a complete guide through the process of medical school applications in the UK.

  • Which medical schools does this book cover?

    We’re proud to say the MSAG Undergrad Guidebook includes detailed and up-to-date information on every UK medical school.