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Graduate Entry Medicine: United Kingdom 2020-21

Graduate Entry Medicine UK 2020-21

Applying to medical school can already seem like a full-time task – but for applicants who have already spent over 3 years at university, this can seem monumental. That’s why this book is designed to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. We’ve compiled information about every UK medical programme in one place, and supplemented this wealth of information with all of our expertise. 

The result helps you create a successful application, helping you secure your place studying medicine. Inspired by 11 years of experience supporting applications to UK medical schools, this book is the ultimate guide for graduates. Now in its 10th edition, it was written by a dedicated team of doctors and medical students, specifically tailored to graduate applicants. It provides up-to-date information through the entire medical school application process.  

What's included?

  • Written by a team of 7 doctors and medical students
  • Info about all courses open to graduate applicants, including 5 and 6-year programmes
  • Covers all graduate entry medical school programmes in the UK
  • A full chapter for each medical school - tailored for graduate applicants
  • Provides details about competition ratios, course structure, medical school rankings
  • Advice on building your extracurricular portfolio for Medicine as a Graduate student
  • How to Ace the Medical School Interview
  • How to get into Graduate Entry Medicine UK
  • UCAT and BMAT information
  • How to Ace the Medicine Personal Statement

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    Stephen S.
    Your books are excellent

    I think your books are excellent. TheyŠ—Ère a tremendous complement to other resources such as the NHS Medical Careers web site. I have used them with students and graduates, and my Careers Adviser colleagues have also found them invaluable in giving advice regarding such a niche area of the Graduate Labour Market. Students and graduates interested in Medicine as a 2nd degree need detailed information and your books give just that. If you could produce a big pot of money for fees, that would be even better!!Are you serious about perhaps coming to Glasgow to do a session for students interested in Medicine? If so I could look into that as a possibility for you next session perhaps.

    Best Graduate Entry Guide to Medicine

    I was recommended this by somebody on my course, it is fantastic. Updated every year and it has every single Medical schools entry requirements, selection criteria, ratio of applicants to places, where to apply if you score well on the UKCAT and where not to apply if you score badly in it. Whether medical schools like you have to have work experience, extra curricular activities etc.. Everything you need in one book in you're considering graduate entry medicine

    Jo H.
    Very Useful

    I do find your books very useful and in fact in a recent talk to students considering Graduate medicine I used your book as a guide in planning my session. If you would like to quote me at all I am happy for you to do so, please do let me know if you are going to do so. What I like about the book most, is that it is easy to read and is a great place to go to for all the information that seems to be dispersed amongst so many different sources. It's great that it gets updated every year - because things do seem to change so frequently

    Agnes F.
    Invaluable resource for all Careers Advisers

    The Medical School Application Guide contains all the detailed information needed by both Careers Advisers and students. It contains all the entry requirements for each University, it compares their selection policies, their exam requirements and their course structures. It provides valuable advice on personal statements, relevant work experience and interview tips. The information is current and is updated each year . It is an invaluable resource for all Careers Advisers in this field and the essential handbook for students applying to this demanding and rewarding profession. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this research to make our lives easier!! You have made an enormous contribution to the training of the next generation of junior doctors


    Ask a Question
    • Where can I find information on the other services and products offered by the MSAG?

      As well as on our website, this guidebook contains information on all the services we offer to support medical applicants. From personal statement support to interview prep, the MSAG has a proven track record of success in medical school applications. We’re proud to be able to showcase our expertise in this book.

    • How will this book help me secure a place in a medical programme?

      This book is designed to support you through every aspect of your application. It will help you make the most of your work experience, ensure you apply to schools whose entry requirements you meet, and allow you to play to your strengths during your admissions exams. We’ve also used our wealth of experience to help guide you through writing your personal statement. This book gives you all the information you need to make sure your application is as strong as possible for the medical schools you choose to apply to.

    • What information do you include about each school?

      This book covers every aspect of the application process. Each school has a dedicated chapter, where we present information on their medical programme, entry requirements, selection processes, competition ratios, interview styles… even personal statement marking criteria where available.

    • Which medical programmes are covered in this Guidebook?

      We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that every single medical programme available across all 23 medical schools in the UK are in this book. We’ve detailed which schools offer shortened Graduate Entry courses, and also present the 5 and 6-year undergraduate courses available for graduate application.