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  • Cost effective vs. private tutoring, it includes bi-weekly interview practice till April 1st, the best resources & a personalised mock.

Interview ready without private tutoring

The best preparation without private tutoring prices

What do I get?

IS the cheetah package THE RIGHT PREPARATION FOR ME?

The Cheetah Package was designed to give you access to all the resources you would need to prepare your answers and the opportunity to practice regularly, including getting feedback. One formal mock interview, tailored to your medical school is also included. 

Compared to the Lion Package, it does not have the Live Interview Course where someone is showing you in a very small group how to deliver and structure your answers, with individual feedback. It also does not include the 4 hours of tutoring, which helps to make this package cheaper. 

If you think you will not need any tutoring at all, then the Cheetah Package is cost effective, as it has a 17% discount applied to get the resources, bi-weekly practice & feedback, and a formal mock.

Dr Jiva recommends adding the Live Interview Course to the Cheetah package, if your school does not provide a course or if you have not attended one before. We see greater skill improvement from applicants who have attended vs those who have not.

Price Comparison
Lion Package = £1000 (25% discount included)
Cheetah Package = £600 (17% discount included)
Cheetah Package + the Live Interview Course = £775


If you need lighter practice & testing
  • ✔ Self-Study Interview Resource
  • ✔ Virtual MedSoc Access
  • ✔ 1 Mock Interview


Full prep, practice & testing
  • ✔ Self-Study Interview Resource
  • ✔ Virtual MedSoc Access
  • ✔ 2 Mock Interviews
  • ✔ Live Online Interview Course
  • ✔ 4 Hours of Private Tutoring
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