Interview Preparation Package | Lion

  • The Lion Package is our recommended ideal Medical School Interview preparation. Everything to prepare, practice and perform at your interviews!

Complete interview preparation

Why our tailored experience can't be beaten


8 hours of live teaching in small groups


Award-winning resource: over 168 lessons


Bi-weekly sessions with Dr Jiva & past interviewers


4 hours of 1-1 focused improvement


Real questions from your schools used in mocks

What do I get?

Is the Lion Package the right preparation for me?

The Lion package has been put together to offer 25% discount on our recommendation of the best interview prep. It includes the live course where you learn how to deliver your answers & get a good feel for your strengths & weakness. It also includes access to the award winning self study resource and access to practice sessions twice weekly with Dr Jiva, theMSAG' founder and past interviewers till 1st April. This is topped up with 4 hours of private tutoring used to help you on any areas you may find harder and 2 mocks, tailored using past questions from medical schools, that should be booked once you have interview offers.
If you are a good communicator, this is a comprehensive package & should be enough for the whole season. If you find that you are struggling on specific question types, you may need to complement this with a few more tutoring hours.

If you would like a comprehensive preparation, but without private tutoring, then the Cheetah package combined with the live inerview course would be ideal.


If you need lighter practice & testing
  • ✔ Self-Study Interview Resource
  • ✔ Virtual MedSoc Access
  • ✔ 1 Mock Interview
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Full prep, practice & testing
  • ✔ Self-Study Interview Resource
  • ✔ Virtual MedSoc Access
  • ✔ 2 Mock Interviews
  • ✔ Live Online Interview Course
  • ✔ 4 Hours of Private Tutoring
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